Xiaomi breaks the market: offer on its 27-inch gaming monitor!

January is hard, but it’s going to end and we’ll get our strength back to face February with a better tone. Having overcome the so-called “cost” of that month and knowing it, Xiaomi is launching a series of interesting offers together with Amazon where logically we have to highlight its 27-inch gaming monitor, since at this price it is impossible to say no. We talk about My Desktop Monitor 27a peripheral that will delight players with less performance expectations, but who are demanding in the quality/price ratio.

The name of the product is not very easy to remember, RMMNT27NF, which is why the Asian brand simplifies commercial names to the maximum so as not to have to think, so just knowing that it is within the Mi range is enough. But what makes it so good?

Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27

We are talking about a monitor with the aforementioned 27-inch diagonal that integrates a typical resolution for the average gamer of 1080p (1920 x 1080p) which is totally focused on offering the best color without losing performance or features. The features of the panel are completed with a contrast 1000:1a shine of 300cd/m2 and a response time of 6myes

This is possible thanks to a panel IPS that covers the 100% of sRGB color and that at the same time achieves narrow bezels on three of its sides for the most immersive experience possible. East My Desktop Monitor 27 can be seen from almost any angle, since it allows a view of it from 178th. The back is quite thin and although it has the thicker connection area where we have to plug in the cables the panel itself only has 7.5mm thickso it is rated FLAT.

The only problem that it presents (and it is that you cannot ask for more for that price) is that it does not have height adjustment, although it does tilt its viewing angle. What it does include is a multifunction button to move around its menus, something that makes configuration tasks much easier.

Multiple input and output ports


Perhaps the most notable section except the resolution, size and Hz (75 to be specific) is that of the connections or ports. We talk about a HDMI 1.4, a port for vgaan audio port with Mini Jack 3.5mm and of course the power connector.

Finally we have a certificate TUV Rheinland Low Blue Ligth, which guarantees that the reduction of blue light so harmful to the eyes is kept at minimum levels that do not harm us as in other monitors in the same price range. But what is its price since we are talking about it? Well, it falls 30% until it stays in €159.99a gift.

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