Xiaomi could finally deploy MIUI 14 on August 16, 2022, bypassing MIUI 13.5

While we were expecting MIUI 13.5 in the weeks or months to come, it could finally be that Xiaomi decides to skip this version and go directly to MIUI 14. This is what several references to the overlay in the code suggest. source of MIUI 13. A launch date has even been mentioned: August 16, 2022.

For the past few months, we have been hearing here and there about MIUI 13.5. First information reached us last March, revealing in particular some compatible smartphones as well as several new features that will accompany its launch. Last month, the list of compatible smartphones grew, suggesting a more or less imminent launch of the new overlay.

Eventually, it may not be. A recent report from our colleagues at Xiaomiui indeed indicates that the manufacturer could opt for a direct update to MIUI 14 version. While the current version of the overlay has not yet arrived on all compatible devices, its source code includes already several references to the next version, which could mean that its deployment should not delay.

Xiaomi could soon present MIUI 14

This is not the only reference found in system applications. Xiaomiui also came across several mentions of “nuwa”, which would be the code name of the next Xiaomi 13, scheduled for December 2022 if recent leaks are to be believed. All this therefore indicates that MIUI 13.5 would not exist in the end. As for the deployment date, rumors expect August 16.

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Nevertheless, it is better to be cautious about this last information. August 16 is fast approaching, and Xiaomi has yet to start its marketing campaign to announce its launch. In fact, it is still too early to completely set aside MIUI 13.5, which could still land on our smartphones in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, one thing is certain: now that the first leak about MIUI 14 is out, the following ones should soon appear on the web.

Source : Xiaomiui

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