Xiaomi could launch its iPad Pro rival next month

Mi Pad 5, the return of Xiaomi to the tablet market

There was a time when Xiaomi Mi Pad They were one of the best alternatives to Apple iPads. They were devices that despite Android’s own shortcomings as an operating system offered a very good experience with a very careful design. Okay, they were like clones of the iPad, but even today there are many brands like Huawei that are “inspired” by what the iPad Pro is to redesign their MatePads.

Well, since that last Mi Pad 4 of 2018, nothing was heard from Xiaomi about tablets again, but in recent months there has been a lot of talk about a possible return that could already have a fixed date: the month of August. If the new data does not fail, next month we would attend the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5, a new family of tablets that would arrive in different configurations and an important bet at the software level, with a layer adapted to a larger screen size than that offered by the company’s mobile phones.

Thus, the idea is that this Mi Pad 5 serves as a repulsive and demonstration that after all these years of experience with such striking terminals as the Mi 11 Ultra, etc., the brand was also able to offer a much richer user experience and productive tailored to your own style features like Samsung’s DeX.

A high-end hardware

With a design that is surely in line with the latest proposals seen in this sector, such as the iPad Pro, Galaxy Tab S7, MatePad, etc., the hardware would be another of the strengths of the new Xiaomi Mi Pad 5.

Here the Chinese manufacturer would not skimp and together with several configurations that would surely serve to play with different price ranges, the highest model would make use of the Snapdragon 870, a 11 inch screen LCD with a rate of 144 Hz refresh and a 480 Hz touch sampling that is sure to also go with different storage and RAM options similar to those offered with your most important phones.

And yes, being a tablet it could not be missing or the corresponding keyboard and pencil case. It is true that there are not so clear confirmations of this, but it would be very strange if it were not like that since it is one of the aspects that its direct competition boasts the most. Moreover, it would not make sense to adapt the interface, use widgets, etc., if you did not have these accessories that have already become almost inseparable from any tablet.

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