Xiaomi declares war on Apple and wants to become the world’s number 1 smartphone

Xiaomi has just declared war on Apple! The Chinese giant has pledged to wage a fight to the death against the competition in order to establish itself as the world’s number 1 smartphone, ahead of Apple and Samsung.

Xiaomi 12 (5)
Credit: Xiaomi

Xiaomi is seeing rising smartphone sales over the past few years. Taking advantage of Huawei’s meteoric decline, the Chinese manufacturer has established itself as the third largest phone manufacturer in the world. According to figures from Canalys, Xiaomi has managed to sell 191 million smartphones, up 42 million compared to 2020.

Thanks to successful smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi 11, the manufacturer has seized 14% market share. Xiaomi is just behind Apple, which has 17% of the market, and Samsung. Undisputed leader in mobile telephony, the Seoul giant holds 20% of the world market.

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Xiaomi promises “a war of life or death” to Apple

Thanks to its large catalog made up of entry-level, mid-range and high-end products, Xiaomi wants to become number 1 in mobile telephony. On Sina Weibo, the Chinese social network, Lei Jun, Founder and CEO of Xiaomiis committed to establishing Xiaomi as the most important Chinese brand in the smartphone market.

“We aim to fully compare with Apple in product and experience, and become China’s largest premium brand within the next three years”, says Lei Jun, whose assurance is in many ways reminiscent of that of Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s mobile division. Before the US sanctions, the manager had repeatedly assured that Huawei will soon become the world’s number 1 smartphone. The restrictions decreed by Washington have hampered the builder’s rise.

On Weibo, Lei Jun pledges to lead “a war of life or death” against its competitors to become the industry leader. Rather than targeting Samsung, the eternal leader, the founder of Xiaomi is directly attacking Apple, whose influence and popularity is undeniable. According to the ranking of brands carried out each year by Interbrand, Apple is also the most powerful brand in the world.

According to Wang Xiang, the current president of Xiaomi, smartphone sales in 2021 were constrained by the shortage of computer chips. Deprived of components, the Chinese group has failed to produce as many smartphones as expected to meet consumer demand. Will Xiaomi be able to overtake Apple in 2022 when the lack of components is over? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

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