Xiaomi has financed this curious smart toilet for children

The origin of many of the varied products in the Xiaomi catalog is due to XiaomiYoupina crowdfunding platform that the brand launched in China, and with which they finance some of the interesting projects and that they consider that they can have sales in the market. The latest product that has been born thanks to the platform is the Ukideer Wonder Whale Children’s Smart Toilet U1and it is a smart toilet designed for the smallest of the house.

This is Ukideer, the first smart toilet for children

Smart Toilet U1 travel

The new portable potty financed by Xiaomi It is shaped like a whale, it is very minimalist, and it is designed to children up to 6 years. Instead of using water, this smart toilet makes use of a automatic plastic bag sealing system, preventing the odor from leaving the urinal and allowing the product to be used numerous times without having to clean it. The result is very hygienic, without odors and with all the content collected in the bags. Compared to other traditional products, the project presented by Ukideer wins by a landslide. Your way of dealing with waste prevents accidental contamination from the surroundings of the device, thus preventing the little ones from becoming infected. In addition, thanks to its design, we will only have to clean the contact surfaces of the seat (the cup and the backrest).

Inside the Ukideer Wonder Whale Children’s Smart Toilet U1 is a box containing the bags used by the device. Each box contains about five meters of bagswhich, depending on the brand, is good for an average of 40 to 45 uses. This means that a single refill can last perfectly one month.

On the other hand, the development team behind this product has thought of every detail. What if a young child decides to “play” with this smart toilet? Or… what if our cat gets into mischief? well there is a lock switch that will prevent this from happening. On the other hand, we can also activate a sensor that will open the toilet lid when it detects a boy or girl less than 15 centimeters from the Ukideer. The lid will open in less than 2 seconds, and everything will be ready to use.

Autonomy, price and distribution of the Smart Toilet U1

Smart Toilet U1 operation

We have talked about the total number of uses, but not about its autonomy. On a single charge of its lithium battery, the manufacturer guarantees that this smart urinal can be used more than 60 times.

Regarding the price, those who have participated in the campaign of crowdfunding can get the device for 599 yuan, that is, about 83 euros about. However, it is expected that the sale price once the Ukideer Children’s Smart Toilet U1 is marketed will be 999 yuan, which is equivalent in practice to about 140 euros. The product does not have a release date in Europe, but we assume that it will not take long to reach our market.

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