Xiaomi: its new wireless charger for cars can charge your smartphone at 50W

Xiaomi has quietly launched a new wireless car charger in China, and it is among the most powerful on the market today. In particular, it can recharge your smartphone at a power of 50 W.

Credit: GizTop

Xiaomi has just unveiled its new premium smartphones Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro, but the Chinese manufacturer has also quietly launched a new charger named ” Xiaomi 50W Wireless Car Charger Pro ” in China. Intended for cars, it offers a maximum power of 50 W to charge your smartphones at full speed.

The charger is reportedly already for sale on the GizTop website for $ 75.99, which is significantly more expensive than the previous generation. Indeed, Xiaomi already markets a Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger with a similar design on its official website in France for 49.99 euros, or $ 39.99 at GizTop. If this new, more powerful version were to be released in France, it could therefore be offered at more than 80 euros.

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The charger is not compatible with all Xiaomi smartphones

According to the information provided by the GizTop site, the wireless charger is not compatible with all Xiaomi smartphones. Indeed, the site explicitly mentions that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, the flagship of Xiaomi released in China in 2020, is not supported by the device.

However, the charger will be perfectly suited to smartphones such as the Xiaomi Mi 11, the Xiaomi 12 or the Xiaomi MIX 4 which all offer 50W wireless fast charging. Only the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will not take full advantage of the charger, since it can receive up to 67 W wirelessly. Xiaomi, the leader in charging technologies for smartphones, also already on the 200W Hypercharge, which is able to recharge a battery in just 8 minutes.

According to the charger description, the Xiaomi 50W Wireless Car Charger Pro uses a new generation of microwave sensors, which opens the side grippers when approaching the smartphone. Just touch any button on either side of the charger to remove the phone with one hand. Finally, we learn that the clamps can reach 84 mm, while the charging range is up to 4mm, which means your smartphone can also be charged with a case.

The charger is also self-contained, which means that clamps can open even when your car has not started yet. Finally, the charger’s design allows it to actively cool your smartphone when the charge is high so as not to damage the battery.

Source: GizTop

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