Xiaomi launches a printer that cleans itself

A new inkjet printer is available in China in Xiaomi’s catalog. It is called Mijia Inkjet All-in-One Printer. It combines the functions of printer, scanner and photocopier. Its particularity is to be equipped with a system that automatically cleans the nozzles of the cartridges to reduce the risk of poor quality printing. It is sold for less than 180 euros.

You know that there are two types of printers. laser printers and inkjet printers. The former use “toner”, an ink in powder form. A very precise laser strikes a photosensitive drum which will attract the toner according to the image to be printed. He will then deposit the ink on the sheet which will pass between two heated drums. These will “bake” the toner to fix the ink.

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The seconds use liquid ink contained in cartridges. A print head will scan a page over its entire width to print, line after line, the requested document. This head is equipped with a nozzle » which will eject the drop of ink at the right time so that it is positioned in an ideal way on the sheet. The maintenance of this element depends on the print quality.

This Xiaomi printer automatically cleans its print head

Indeed, through friction and use, the nozzles lose their alignment. In addition, they can become clogged and clogged. To prevent this, inkjet printer owners are advised to clean the print head. To do without this step, Xiaomi is launching the Mijia Inkjet All-in-One Printer, an inkjet printer capable of cleaning itself. The aim is to guarantee print quality and to prevent 1600 nozzles integrated into the head do not clog.

Obviously, this is only one of its qualities. The product sheet for the printer also claims that it is capable of printing 9500 pages with its four ink cartridges (RGBN). This model is an MFP: this means that it scans documents and photocopies them. The scanner is equipped with software that improves the rendering of stored documents. Finally, it is USB and WiFi compatible. It works wirelessly with Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS. This printer is only for sale in China. Its price is around 1100 yuan, equivalent to 160 euros. Find our selection of multifunction printers here.

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