Xiaomi LED lights for your gaming set

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Now that whole picture has changed. Not only do we have light bulbs that can change their intensity or color by touching the screen of our smartphone, but In recent times, what are known as LED strips have become popular. that make it easy to play with the shapes and lighting effects of the furniture in our house.

Rare is he streamer either youtuber that has not resorted to them to offer a broadcast gaming set with a professional lookl, where those LED strips are hidden and we only perceive from them the light they emit behind monitors, tables, shelves, etc. Wouldn’t you like to have something similar in your home and, most important of all, at a practically knockdown price?

The fact is that Amazon has decided to lower the price and put it practically at the lowest seen so far for a Xiaomi model. Well, better said Yeelight, which is the subsidiary used by the Chinese to exploit this part of home automation that allows us to install smart lights in our house.

The offer, which you have active right now on Amazon, reduce the price to 19.99 euros, which represents a reduction of 49% on its recommended price, which is 38.99. So if you were looking for a reliable and easy-to-use alternative, this is practically a must-buy.

Gaming LED lights.

What does this LED strip light offer us?

The first thing is that It is two meters longso it will give us to place it without problems in any part of the room and illuminate corners of those that you want to decorate and offers a physical on / off button, like those of the lamps of a lifetime that give more confidence than the button digital that, sometimes, is left to the chance that there are no crashes or software problems.

Technically you can dye the strip of LED lights with any color What you are looking for, it is only necessary to access the official Yeelight application on both iOS and Android, to quickly adjust it since this strip has Wi-Fi connectivity. Still, just in case you will have a series of predetermined colors, in case you are not particularly picky and in case you are wondering, yes, it is compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa. They will even work with Apple HomeKit.

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