Xiaomi Mi Band 6: how to use the flashlight function and more tricks

Mi Band 6, the most popular activity bracelet

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 It is the most popular activity bracelet on the market and it is normal, although there are other interesting proposals that offer basically the same thing. But being one of the first to bet on this type of wearable has given Xiaomi an advantage over your competitors.

In the latest version, the bracelet improved some aspects such as the screen. Now it offered a diagonal of 1.56 inches, an increase that without being very large was noticeable for the better from day one. And that was thanks to the fact that the touch button disappeared to be integrated into the screen itself.

For the rest, it kept the same AMOLED technology and the same maximum brightness level (450 nits). So with all this, she was very similar to her previous generation, but attractive enough to consider betting on her. Because if something good has always been its price, very affordable for anyone who is interested and seeks to start taking care of themselves by controlling their physical form with parameters such as the amount of exercise they do each day, heart rate, etc.

Tricks for the Xiaomi Mi Band that you should know

However, knowing everything that the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 offers, something that we tell you in the video of the analysis that you can see above these lines, the interesting thing is that there are small tricks or functions that although they are no secret, not all users know.

So we are going to show you how to get more out of your Mi Band with these functions for the Xiaomi quantification bracelet that range from flashlight mode to music control or the camera application among others.

Control music playback on your phone

The Mi Band does not have internal memory to store music and be able to listen to it when you go out to do sports, but it can act as multimedia control for which it plays on your phone. So if you have it on a bracelet, you won’t have to play around if you want to change the song or pause it.

To access it, you have your own menu or from the screen that shows information about the exercise you are quantifying. For the latter you just have to slide your finger on the screen from right to left and voila, you will see the multimedia controls that allow you to stop or start playback, forward, backward and change the volume.

How to use the Mi Band as a remote trigger

Just as you can control media playback, you can also use it as a remote trigger. That is, once the function is enabled, you can leave your mobile on a tripod, stand in front of it and press the shutter button to take the photo.

To activate this option go to the Mi Fit application and look in the bracelet settings for the More menu. Now you just have to open the camera application and the bracelet screen will change to show a fire button.

Ready, you just have to leave the phone on a tripod or wherever you want so you can frame yourself and shoot remotely. Ideal for when you want to take photos of yourself or do not want to be the only one who does not appear in the group.

How to use the Mi Band as a flashlight

A function that despite being very simple has not arrived until now: the option of using the Mi Band 6 as a flashlight. Thanks to the latest update and you can make use of this function that other watches such as the Apple Watch have included for a long time.

To make use of the Flashlight function on the Mi Band 6, which it does is place the blank screen at the maximum brightness level so that you can see wherever you need it, you just have to make sure you have the latest firmware version of the Mi Band. To do this, do the following:

  1. Update the app My fit on your mobile phone if necessary and check that it is in version 5.3.0
  2. Once the application is updated, open it and go to your Profile
  3. Now look for your Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6
  4. Give the option to Check for updates
  5. When it appears, tap on Update and the process will start
  6. Ready, in a matter of minutes it will be installed

Now that you have your Mi Band 6 updated, it is time to say to the section More of the bracelet options and there you will find the Flashlight function. Activate it and voila, you can now enjoy this option that is sure to be useful in the dark in the house, when you drop something on the street or in the garage.

How to assign lock code for the Mi Band

The Mi Band serves as a device to automatically unlock your smartphone, and it could even be used to do the same with a PC using certain third-party applications. But if you lose it or take it off, you also have the option to block it.

That lock code will prevent whoever finds the Mi Band 6 from using it and accessing the data. That will not be many compared to other proposals, but it always gives a little more peace of mind to know that it is blocked.

To create this code do the following:

  1. Open the Mi Fit app
  2. Go to Bracelet Settings
  3. Now Wrist lock
  4. Select Password
  5. Set code and hit save

Ready, when you put it on and introduce it for the first time you will not have to repeat the action unless you take it off or you lose it. At that moment it will detect that you are not wearing it and it will lock.

Locate your smartphone with the Mi Band

The Find my device function allows you to activate a beep and vibration on the phone so that you can locate it if you do not know where you have left it. To do this, you just have to do this on your Mi Band:

  1. Swipe up from the main menu
  2. Now go to More
  3. And at the end of everything you will see Find phone
  4. Ready, when you press the smartphone vibrates and sounds so you can find it easily

Customize the vibration

Finally, you should know that by default the Mi Band performs a certain vibration when a notification or any other type of warning arrives, but you can create your own vibration patterns so that when you feel it you know what it is without having to look.

We do not recommend that you create different types left and right, but an easy to identify one for something very specific could be interesting. To create these vibrations, open the Mi Fit app.

  1. With the Mi Fit app open, click on Vibration
  2. Then to App Alerts
  3. On the screen that you will see, tap on the + icon and create your new vibration pattern
  4. Now you just have to select the app or notice that you want to use it

Mi Band, is it worth it?

If you have a Mi Band 4 or 5, the jump to the last generation may not compensate you much, but if you have given intensive use to the previous ones, you will like the increase in screen in daily use. And if you don’t have any, but you had thought about getting one, don’t even think about it. Because for what it costs you can get a lot out of it. Even more so with these little tricks.

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