Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker: a cheap and resistant speaker

Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker: video analysis

Betting on resistance without complications

The first thing we look at today before buying any device is its design. So, as is usual in my analyzes, I want to start talking to you about this section. And I already anticipate that, in this aspect, the Xiaomi speaker does not have too many boasts or complexities.

We are facing a speaker with a design that seems quite resistant, mixing fabric mesh with rubberized finishes on the top, bottom and sides. Above we find the button panel, in which we see the different buttons with which we will interact directly with this device:

  • Power button, to turn the speaker on and off.
  • Volume controls.
  • Play / Pause.
  • Button to activate Bluetooth synchronization.
  • TWS button.

This last option gives us access to one of the most interesting features of this device. That TWS mode (True Wireless Stereo) gives us the opportunity to connect it to a second unit of this speaker and, as the name suggests, makes them work in stereo mode. Come on, when synchronizing them, one would represent the left channel and the other the right, being twice as powerful.

On the inside we find two rubber feet, which will be responsible for preventing this speaker from moving across the surface where it is supported when playing music at maximum power.

Finally, on one of its sides we find a small rubber cover. When unfolding it by levering it with the nail, we will have access to its connections:

  • USB-C port with which we will charge its internal battery.
  • 3.5mm jack port, in case we want to connect it to any device that does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

As you may have noticed, this cover is made of rubber and keeps the speaker connections airtight. This is because another of the key points of this is that it has IPX7 protection, which means that water is not going to be a problem for him. So much so that we can splash it with a good amount of water or even submerge it and keep it working perfectly. Of course, as long as the water is not salty and, in addition, we do not recommend that you get too close to the sand on the beach.

Right on this side, Xiaomi has decided to incorporate a small rope handle to grab it and carry it more comfortably.

Finally, and before going on to tell you what I think about the sound quality of this speaker, I want to tell you 3 small interesting details about it:

  • Incorporates microphones on your body, so we can use it to answer calls as if it were a hands-free.
  • The weight of this equipment reaches 749 grams.
  • It is available in two colors: blue and black, which is the model that we have tested.

Powerful and affordable sound

Now that you know this Xiaomi device well on the outside, let me tell you about my experience after having tried it and what I think about the sound quality.

The truth is that, if I’m honest, I expected the interaction between user and speaker to be somewhat greater with a control app through our smartphone. But is not the case. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I was hoping that the manufacturer would implement it among its most “intelligent” equipment in its own app.

However, and taking into account that it is a speaker that does not exceed 40 euros, the sound we hear through it is of good quality. And above all, it is much more powerful with those 16 W than many other competitors offer for that price.

Something that I had not commented to you until now, taking into account that from our phone we can only manage the play and pause of the music and the volume, is that they exist different button commands that we can use to perform different actions:

  • Long press on «-«: go back to the previous song.
  • Long press on «+»: go to the next song.
  • Long press Bluetooth button: activate pairing mode.
  • Press the «-» and «play / pause» buttons: restore the pairing list and default volume. In case you have any connection problems.
  • Press “+” and “play / pause” buttons: switch between equalization modes.

So far I had not told you anything because I was keeping one of those key aspects for me until the end. This speaker, despite not having extra settings through an app on the mobile, if you have 2 modes different sound setting: a “normal” mode and another call “Deep Bass”, which boosts the bass a lot without distorting.

Finally, I would like to tell you about the autonomy of this Xiaomi speaker. According to the manufacturer, this should last around 13 hours of use, and this the truth is that it is very theoretical. Depending on how you use the speaker, in terms of volume mainly, it will last more or less. In the time that I have been using it, I can estimate that it lasts at a normal volume for about 9 – 10 hours. Of course, you can be calm if you forget the connected speaker, because it has the ability to turn off only if it detects that it is not being used.

So, if you were looking for a good speaker, with a powerful sound and without spending too much money, this should undoubtedly be among the possible options that you have to consider.

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