Xiaomi now has a (more or less) intelligent washing machine

If you don’t know her, you’re still late. MIJIA is the name with which Xiaomi usually launches many products in China and thus has become a hotspot for gadgets and home appliances that often land on the market with a good number of smart features at knock-down prices. It is often impossible to find a similar model from the competition that can boast such a low cost and such an extensive list of features.

Silent and with a lot of load

This new 10kg Mijia Front Loading Washing Machine is a model that has been designed with the aim of combining washing efficiency with other features that manufacturers often do not take into account, especially in models of a price range such as the of this washing machine. And it is that thanks to its barely 50 dB of noise, we can connect it at night without fear that it will wake us and the neighbors.

The secret of such low levels must be found in how it is made, with front-loading, direct-drive drum which, according to the manufacturer itself, avoids the installation of components that deteriorate over time and require continuous maintenance. This is the case of bearings and belts such as those that are usually incorporated in many models of other similar brands and that as they deteriorate, they not only become inefficient, but also cause increasingly violent noises and shakes.

MIJIA Front-loading Washing Machine 10KG.

Altogether, this Mijia Front Loading Washing Machine allows us to wash a maximum of 10kg of clothes with any of the 23 different programs it offers. White, color, cold and, of course, high temperature settings that reach 95ยบ, as well as the company’s guarantee that our laundry will come out of the machine completely clean and sterilized thanks to a “pasteurization” process that has an efficiency close to 100% in the elimination of bacteria, germs and viruses. Specifically 99.9%.

And is he very smart?

This washing machine offers two features that we could consider intelligent and, therefore, perfect for controlling washing from a distance, since thanks to the official Xiaomi app, it will be possible to control the program that we will use in the washing machine as well as the moment in which it should start. This makes it easier for us to wash when we are away from home and start them to have them ready when we return, or as a way to quickly verify how the entire washing process is going at all times.

MIJIA Front-loading Washing Machine 10KG.

MIJIA also guarantees a efficient management of a resource as precious as water, since it guarantees that, thanks to the use of complex algorithms, the washing machine is capable of adjusting its consumption until it manages only with a minimum amount, without wasting it. If you are interested in buying it, you should know that you have it on sale since yesterday, March 22, at a starting price of 1,479 yuan, that is, about 210 euros in exchange. Once these days of promotion are over, the same model will go up to 1,699 yuan, which represents an approximate cost of about 245 euros.

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