Xiaomi overtakes Apple in France, but remains behind Samsung

Canalys has unveiled the ranking of smartphone brands in France for 2021. The leader remains Samsung. But the Korean giant is heckled, losing almost a third of its annual sales volume. Apple is also backing down, but to a much lesser extent. This benefits Xiaomi, which comes in second place. Oppo, fourth, and Wiko, fifth, close the peloton.

Xiaomi 11T Pro

All international studies confirm this: 2021 has been a good year for Chinese brands, excluding Huawei. Whether it’s Xiaomi, Oppo / OnePlus (the two brands are usually grouped together in barometers), Realme or even Vivo. Globally, the Top 5 brands at the end of last year were Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Opoo and Vivo. In the Middle Kingdom, local brands have succeeded in knocking Samsung out of the Top 5, but not yet Apple, which is in the lead.

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Does France reflect this trend? The answer is yes. According to Canalys, two brands made strong progress in 2021 on the French market: Xiaomi and Oppo. Sales of each of its two brands increased 45% and 71% respectively. Note that Oppo’s growth does not include the integration of OnePlus, Canalys having separated the two brands in its calculations.

Xiaomi is in second position in France, ahead of Apple

Thanks to these good performances, Xiaomi moves into second position in France, ahead of Apple, which drops to third place. The Cupertino company has indeed sold 11% fewer iPhones in France in 2021. But it is Samsung that suffers the most, with a 31% drop in sales. The Korean firm is ahead of Xiaomi by only 3 points. Five market points now separate the top three brands on the French market.

xiaomi second in france in 2021

Oppo, much further behind, climbed to fourth place, taking advantage of the vacuum left by Huawei. At the very end of the Top 5, we find Wiki, “still alive, still standing!” The brand of the Tinno group continues to sell smartphones, even if it is less talked about. Its catalog is now made up of three ranges: Y (very low prices), Power (long battery life) and View (beautiful screen), with prices ranging from 60 to 230 euros.

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