Xiaomi prepares a box in barebone format and a mini-PC type Intel NUC

Through the Weibo website, what appears to be two computers that Xiaomi It intends to market, although one of those computers, at least for now, is just a barebone case with a power supply, while the other is an apparently complete PC with a shape reminiscent of Intel NUC when they were small, since the 13 Extreme model is much more voluminous.

The barebone format box has the name Xiaomi Host Mini PC And it seems nothing inside but a custom XM22AL5X 100 watt power supply. The chassis design is quite striking and features at least two dedicated graphics card slots, but given the modesty of the power supply and the size of the case, said graphics cards should be low profile and medium height.

Another aspect to mention about the Xiaomi Host Mini PC is that it does not seem to have ventilation on the sides and front, although that does not rule out the possibility that it does have room to breathe at the top and/or bottom. In the back it has spaces for two 80 or 90 millimeter fans and should have enough space to mount a mini-ITX motherboard. A curious detail is that the power supply screen shows the super+M (or Windows+M) key combination, which in Windows is the shortcut to minimize all windows, however, it may be used on the barebone to carry take some different action.

On the other side is the mini PC type Intel NUCwhich for now does not seem to have a defined name and uses as processor a AMD Ryzen 7 6800H with integrated graphics Radeon 680M. Delving into details, said CPU model has eight physical cores, sixteen threads, a base working speed of 3.2GHz, a maximum frequency of 4.7GHz, 4MB of level 2 cache, 16MB of level 3 cache and a 45 watt TDP.

When it comes to memory, Xiaomi’s mini-PC similar to an Intel NUC has 16 GB of RAM together with an SSD with 512 GB of capacity for data storage. The price is 3,999 yuan, which changed directly would be about 541 euros. If it is officially marketed in Spain or the European Union, the price will almost certainly increase.

As we can see, the two leaked teams that Xiaomi intends to market couldn’t be more different. Of the two, the mini-PC similar to the Intel NUC seems to be interesting, but we will have to see how the company has solved the issue of ventilation, an aspect that becomes critical when a lot of power is introduced in a little space.

We remember that, despite being known mainly for manufacturing and marketing Android smartphones (with its customization layer), Xiaomi entered the x86 equipment market a long time ago, even marketing laptops gaming.

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