Xiaomi presents a controller for Android and Steam that looks like PlayStation

Now that gaming in the cloud is becoming more common among users, one of the accessories that is having more impact than usual is Bluetooth controllers. Services like Xbox Game Pass, or the catalog of mobile platforms encourage users to play from their mobile devices much more than before. But which command is worth it? Well, it seems that Xiaomi wants to clear any doubts.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth controller that looks like a PlayStation

In recent years the world of gamepads is quite stagnant, since there are no great advances in terms of design and type of control. All the proposals continue to maintain the usual ergonomics, and this one from Xiaomi was not going to be less. The interesting thing is that it seems to mix many ideas, since, if at first it looks like the classic controller of the first PlayStation, it incorporates many current details such as the location of the left analog stick at the top and the appearance of extra buttons on the inside of the pad. The digital pad is a full circular type, so apparently it’s quite comfortable to use. The rest of the control buttons and triggers follow the traditional configuration of most controllers on the market.

Xiaomi GamePad Elite

Under the name of Xiaomi GamePad Elite, this controller is in the financing phase through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, YouPin. With a price of 329 yuan (46 euros to change), the product has exceeded the minimum collection that it needed for its development, exceeding the total amount of collection by more than 744%.

Xiaomi GamePad Elite

Apparently the official price will be 399 yuan (56 euros to change), and it will be a product compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and even Steam. With its Bluetooth connectivity and 2.4 GHz radio (with USB adapter included), you will have no problem playing wirelessly from any type of device, and you can even enjoy a 6-axis gyroscope movement system similar to the one offered by the PS5 DualSense.

Where can I use this controller?

Xiaomi GamePad Elite

As we mentioned before, this type of controller is great for playing cloud services like Xbox Game Pass, and can also be used on Smart TVs with Android TV or even on Apple TV. Obviously, mobile phones will be a device where the use of this type of wireless controls is also appreciated, especially if we take into account that this Xiaomi model includes a support for smartphones with which you can turn your phone into a portable console.

When can it be purchased?

Xiaomi GamePad Elite

Unfortunately, the product is only available in China through the YouPin platform, but considering the success it has achieved in the financing campaign, we have no doubt that it will be a product that will also reach the international Xiaomi catalog. Hopefully the manufacturer will not take too long to export it to other countries, although you should keep in mind that its price will not be like that of the typical cheap gamepads that Xiaomi has previously had. Given its technology and features, we imagine that it will arrive with a label that will be around 60 euros.

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