Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2: the connected bracelet is less than 30 €

If you have a budget not exceeding 30 euros for the purchase of a connected bracelet, then the good plan that will follow will surely attract your attention. At Amazon, the Redmi Smart Band 2 of the Xiaomi brand benefits from a reduction of 10 euros compared to its recommended price.

A new connected bracelet from the Xiaomi brand has landed in France since the beginning of February 2023. This is the Redmi Smart Band 2. At Amazon, the Chinese manufacturer’s connected object is the subject of an offer promotional offer for an indefinite period.

Sold at the recommended price of 39.99 euros, the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 offered in two colors to choose from is available on the site of the e-commerce giant at the price of €29.99 ; i.e. a saving of 10 euros. For information, no additional shipping costs are requested in the case of home delivery.

About its highlights, Xiaomi’s Redmi Smart Band 2 is a bracelet that has a 1.47-inch screen with a resolution of 172 x 320 pixels and a display area that is about 10.5% larger. than that of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7. Compatible with Android 6.0 (or higher model) and iOS 12 (or later version), the accessory features Bluetooth 5.1 wireless technology and a 210 mAh battery allowing it to be autonomous for 2 weeks. There are also more than 30 Sport modes, heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, sleep monitoring and even stress monitoring.

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