Xiaomi smart bulbs on sale at Amazon

Right now it is no longer strange to go to a friend or relative’s house and discover that they have all the lighting in the house completely automated and, admit it, it makes you a little envious. But sometimes the problem is not so much in the desire to buy smart bulbs as in the price they have, so now, With this Amazon deal of the day, excuses are over.

Make the lights in your house smart

If there is a company that has been characterized in recent years for promoting this type of home automation accessories, that is Xiaomi, which with its practically knockdown pricing policy, has opened the doors to many users reluctant to spend too much on a budget of these characteristics.

The fact is that today you have available on Amazon the Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential at a really good price, only 8.99 euros, that is, with a 55% discount compared to its usual cost, which is 19.99. With this promotion you have no excuses to change the lighting of several rooms in the house at a stroke without your pocket trembling.

The great advantage of these smart bulbs is that you can control them from the same screen of your smartphone, schedule on and off times or start timers to make energy consumption in your home more efficient. This immediacy of being able to remotely check the status of any luminaire in the house makes them especially useful and in the case of Xiaomi, we can control all these operations from the apps My Home.


Blank or with millions of colors

These Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential light bulbs (E27) they are white but as with LED models of this type, they also support tinting with a huge number of tones that we can define to our liking, from the mobile application. In total, according to the manufacturer, we will have 16 million different colors at our disposal. There will be one that you like, right?

these bulbs can reduce the consumption of a traditional 60-watt light bulb for just 9, which is what one of these Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential is going to spend us, which also offers 950 lumens and a color temperature range that ranges between 1,700 and 6,500K. So you can fill any room in the house with light, significantly reducing the overall cost of the bill at the end of the month. And the more you have, the greater energy efficiency.

These bulbs have Wifi connectivity and we can use both an iPhone and an Android smartphone to control them, so you won’t have incompatibility problems between the different operating systems. This offer, as we told you above, will be available for a limited time, so if you were looking for a cheap but quality alternative to change all the lights in the house… this is your moment.

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