Xiaomi unveils connected glasses that will never be released

Xiaomi is also embarking on the connected glasses race with a model that seems straight out of a anticipation film. On the other hand, it seems that the glasses of the Chinese manufacturer are still a distant technological fantasy that will never reach the hands of the general public.

It’s not every day that one of the world’s largest phone manufacturers prophesies the death of our smartphones. However, this is exactly what Xiaomi did in its latest video which presents a prototype of connected glasses designed by the Chinese manufacturer.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses join the great trend of connected glasses in which Google, Snapchat, Microsoft and more recently Facebook have already embarked on. But the promises made by the Chinese manufacturer go well beyond anything that has been made until today.

A riot of technology

At the heart of the glasses would be a ” 0.13 inch microLED display smaller than a grain of rice ” who ” thanks to the reflection and diffusion of optical waves ā€¯Would appear much larger on the lenses of the glasses. Even more breathtaking, the brightness of the base screen could reach, according to Xiaomi, 2 million nits. As a reminder, the best smartphones on the market today struggle to exceed 1000 nits.

Regarding functionality, Xiaomi’s glasses would display notifications, navigation routes and would even be able to translate text on the fly thanks to a voice assistant. They would of course also be able to take pictures. Xiaomi remains very vague on the technical details simply explaining that the glasses ” rely on an engineering mind to create the point of view of the future “.

Too good to be true

If that sounds too good to be true, it is. For now, Xiaomi’s glasses are nothing more than a prototype meant to give a little glimpse into the future. All the demonstrations are done in the studio and you never see the device in a “real” situation. In addition, if the technologies sold by Xiaomi do not seem fanciful (remember that MicroLED technology is still overpriced for the moment), no one has yet managed to integrate them so elegantly and effectively in glasses. connected. If Xiaomi had really succeeded, there is no doubt that the brand would communicate in a much more concrete way on the subject.

GPS navigation instructions projected on the glass of the glasses // Source: Xiaomi

As a spokesperson for Xiaomi confirmed to The Verge, these glasses are not meant to ever hit store shelves. We do not really know if they really exist in the laboratories of Xiaomi. The goal of the project is simply to show that the company is closely interested in connected glasses, augmented reality and the future of connected mobility. In short, like all the other big players in tech.

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