Xiaomi updates one of its best projectors: what news does it bring?

Xiaomi is a company with a huge product catalog, and hardly a week goes by without the company presenting a new product or updating one that we already knew about. This week, the turn has fallen to the Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S. The original model was launched in the year 2020, and now is updated with numerous improvementsa good price and a small step back that is also important.

Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S 2022: how does it change compared to the 2020 model?

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A couple of years ago, Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S 4K, a projector designed for homes that was well received. Now that some time has passed, the Chinese company has updated the model. The new version of the Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S reduces its price significantly compared to its predecessoras well as its maximum resolution, which goes from 4K to 1080p.

What we lose in resolution we will gain in other specifications. The new model has multiple functions of Artificial intelligence. It can automatically improve the image that we are reproducing, it has a renewed autofocus system and it also has several new operating modes. Among them, a new 40 millisecond low latency mode which is ideal for playing video games.

The projector also has changes in terms of its level of contrast. This new Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S has a 2,400 lumens maximum brightness (ANSI), about 400 more than its predecessor had. Regarding projection, this model maintains the possibility of creating a screen with a maximum diagonal of 150 inches. In addition, this version has ALPD Laser Display technology to improve image quality and color. Xiaomi’s new projector uses AI image quality enhancement algorithms that support decoding content in 4K and 8K resolution, even though the device is limited to Full HD.

sound and connectivity

At a sound level, the projector has a couple of dual 10 watt speakers able to create a 360 degree virtual stage thanks. It offers compatibility with DTS-HD and Dolby Audio. As always, placing speakers in our living room will give us better performance than doing it through software, but it is appreciated that this type of technology is included in the projector in case we do not want to complicate ourselves too much.

On the connectivity side, the projector supports HDMI 2.1 (and HDMI eARC). It also has several USB ports to extend the experience and load content. In addition, the projector can be controlled with voice commands or the Mijia app.

Price and availability

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At the moment, this new device is going to go on sale in China at a price of about 5,999 yuan, which would be equivalent to the change of about 900 euros. The projector is expected to end up leaving the Asian giant at some point, but there is no specific date yet.

The truly surprising thing about this new version of the Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S is the price, since it is worth practically half that of the 2020 version, which came out at approximately 2,000 euros.

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