Xiaomi wants to compete with Microsoft’s Surface, the iPhone says goodbye to captchas, this is the recap

Xiaomi unveils a tablet that transforms and a small laptop PC, Apple wants to put an end to captchas, NFTs are no longer popular, this is the recap.

If the day of June 21 was marked by an impressive press conference on the part of Xiaomi, which presented 70 products in a gigantic Parisian showroom, other news also enamelled this same day. The 1st tweet in history in NFT format, for example, sees its value collapse, while Apple (and Google!) has found a way to put an end to captchas on the Web. Ready for the summary of the most significant news of the day before? Here we go.

NFT: the price of the first tweet collapses

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are currently at their worst. Proof of this is this NFT which corresponds to the first tweet in history, acquired last year for more than 2.7 million euros. But now the current holder had tried to resell his precious tweet recently, he was offered only 280 dollars (265 euros)! And after a second attempt to sell, it was even an even more derisory price that was offered to him, since his NT did not even reach 30 euros yesterday morning. Don’t worry, at present, it has exceeded 1000 dollars, but there is still a long way to go before Sina Etavi recoups its costs… And to think that it was hoping for 48 million dollars!

The NFT of the first tweet in history is only worth 29 euros

Apple found a way to do away with captchas

What could be more infuriating than having to deal with captchas, these little tests that can be found everywhere on the Web and which allow you to verify that you are indeed a human and not a bot? Thanks to iOS 16, things could soon change. Apple would thus have found a way to circumvent these security measures, since everything will take place via the iPhone and iCloud. And it may well be that this feature will also appear in Android 14, since Google has also taken part in the development of this new feature.

iOS 16 will allow iPhones to bypass CAPTCHAs

Xiaomi launches PC/tablet and takes on Microsoft’s Surface Pro

In recent years, tablets that also serve as laptops have been on the rise. Microsoft set the tone with its range of Surface tablets, and was followed by various manufacturers. This time, Xiaomi is following suit and launching the Xiaomi Book S, a tablet capable of replacing a PC and running Windows 11. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 and benefits from a 12.4″ WQHD+ IPS screen. If the keyboard is optional, the tablet still comes with a stylus.

Xiaomi presents the XiaomiBook S, its two-in-one PC running Windows 11

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