Xiaomi’s new smart lamp is compatible with HomeKit

The Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp 1S is the perfect desk lamp to read a book or work on our computer. It came out in 2019, and it was a highly valued product. Now that a few years have passed, the Chinese brand has decided to update its product. The design remains practically unchanged, and all the improvements, which are not few, are inside.

Xiaomi’s desk lamp is completely renewed, but maintaining its design

The Mi Desk Lamp 1S Enhanced It is the renewed version of the popular Xiaomi desk lamp. Aesthetically, the lamp maintains its design from start to finish. We continue to have a very minimalist product in a dull white color with the possibility of adjusting the lighting angle. However, to see its novelties, it will have to be put into operation. Xiaomi’s new lamp has kept everything that already worked, and has only improved on a few points to make an even more rounded product.

New improved LED module

The first improvement of this new product is that it now has a renewed LED module. According to Xiaomi, the 1S Enhanced has a full spectrum LED light, which means that it will be able to give a softer and more homogeneous lighting. All this will be achieved with its new module 9 wattswhich has 42 high-power LEDs, and which have an approximate useful life of 25,000 hours

The brand also ensures that this new model has the Ra95 certification, which exceeds the Ra90 certification of the previous model. Apparently, the new flexo will have an illumination closer to that of the Sun, which would be equivalent to Ra100. This will serve both to provide more natural lighting and to work seeing colors in a more realistic way, which makes this lamp quite suitable for artists.

However, the temperature of the lamp can be regulated, as well as its intensity. Have 4 modes in total and can be perfectly adjusted to multiple situations.

New smart features

new flexo xiaomi

It hasn’t been left behind when it comes to smart features, either. The Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp 1S Enhanced can be controlled remotely thanks to its integration with the Mi Home app. It can also be controlled by voice thanks to its new compatibility with Apple HomeKit. However, Xiaomi has not said anything about compatibility with Alexa or Google Assistant. We do not know if there is no such compatibility or if it will come through some kind of skills that allows Mi Home to be linked with these assistants.

Price and availability

Another good news is the price of this new product. In China, the lamp has come out at the same price as the previous model, about 199 yuan, which would be equivalent to about 30 euros to change. This lamp is expected to reach the West in the coming months at a somewhat higher price. However, if you want to get this flex now, you can buy it at AliExpress with shipping to Spain from 40 euros.

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