Xiaomi’s virtual glasses are not as spectacular as we imagined

It is evident that both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are attracting the attention of the main companies, who see in them the best possible gateway for what some have called the Metaverse. And since they believe that it will be a useful tool for that connected world they want us to live in, even Xiaomi has been encouraged to develop their own. And the result is… well, you can see for yourself.

Gadgets arrive

Xiaomi has not been kidding and if Apple has its own augmented or virtual reality glasses device, with which it is going to revolutionize the market (or so it seems), then they too thanks to a project by crowdfunding of the many that upload to your Youpin platform. The result is the Xiaomi Mijia Glasses Camera that have the shape of conventional glasses to which sensors and devices have been placed everywhere.

Specifically two chambers, one of them with a 50MP resolution and 15x zoom (we don’t know without optical or digital) and the other somewhat more discreet with 8MP but with periscope function. In addition, to control everything, it will bring a Sony Micro OLED screen that will dazzle us thanks to its 3,000 nits of maximum brightness that we can enjoy just a few millimeters from our eye.

These glasses are, in essence, a smartphone compressed in a very small space and that will not weigh too much, about 100 grams. It will make use of a Qualcomm S SoCocta-core napdragon accompanied by 3GB of RAM and a storage of 32. It will be able to connect via Wifi to wireless networks, it will offer Bluetooth 5.0 and it remains to be seen that we can take them down the street only with a 4G or 5G data connection.

This design of the screen and the information it will show is reminiscent of the old Google Glass project (which was already controversial, really), which dreamed of a connected mobile ecosystem where we could mix the real image of the world we walk through with a layer full of information added by the device. That will be possible thanks to its AR technologywhich will offer such useful genius as a real-time translator from English to Chinese, and vice versa, and any other application you can imagine: directions to go to a certain place or real-time weather information… for example.

pretty ugly, really

Although many of the functions that are announced will be especially useful when it comes to forgetting about the use of the mobile, the truth is that design does not seem to be the strong point of these Xiaomi Mijia Glasses Camera which are quite cumbersome: there is no room for a certain refinement or intention to be remembered for their design. On the contrary, it gives the feeling that the Chinese have been placing what they wanted to put in a way that was not hidden and the result is what you can see in the attached images. A horror?

If you are very interested and you can access the Xiaomi crowdfunding portal, these glasses will be available from August 3 for an exchange price of about 380 euros (2,499 yuan) and, as usually happens in these cases, it is not confirmed that they will end up reaching the rest of the world. Although with the commotion that Apple Glass has been causing for years, the Chinese are encouraged to be the ones who lay the first stone of that future VR and AR based on glasses to wear on the street.

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