XLR8 Gaming MAKO and MAKO RGB: PNY DDR5 for the most demanding

Hand in hand with the arrival of Alder Lake-S, DDR5 memory has also arrived, a leap in performance that will be welcomed as May water by users who aspire to the highest possible performance. The XLR8 Gaming MAKO and MAKO RGB memories, just announced by PNY, are one more example of this, and a clear point to the new technologies that we will be able to start enjoying very soon, as the components begin to reach the market.

About the XLR8 Gaming MAKO and MAKO RGB memories, as you may have already deduced, their only difference is that RGB model has RGB LEDs distributed along a geometric polymer tube that covers part of the surface of the modules. This lighting can be managed through PNY’s control software, which also allows the lighting of the modules to be synchronized with that of the PC motherboard.

Regarding its performance, XLR8 Gaming MAKO and MAKO RGB orThey operate at 5,600 megahertz, with a voltage of 1.25 volts and offer a CAS latency (Column Access Strobe Latency) of only 36 cycles. As you can deduce with this data, we can expect great performance in the systems that equip it.

We already know that performance, in this type of component, is usually associated with heat and, therefore, with the need for elements (active or passive) to help keep it under control. In the case of XLR8 Gaming MAKO and MAKO RGB memories have an integrated aluminum heatsink, which together with the active dissipation functions of the system, will allow to maximize the performance of these modules in a safe way.

And this is a key point, especially for users who are fond of overclocking. According to PNY, the XLR8 Gaming MAKO and MAKO RGB memories have been tested on motherboards from multiple manufacturers, such as ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI, both to ensure smooth operation, but also to perform performance tests above their specifications. specifications, a point at which they could have taken the XLR8 Gaming MAKO modules up to 6,400 megahertz.

In addition to the XLR8 Gaming MAKO and MAKO RGB memories, PNY has also introduced PNY Performance DDR5 modules, a proposal for those users who have no interest in overclocking, and who are looking for memories with lower consumption and absolute reliability, in addition to a significantly cheaper price. In this model the speed is 4,800 megahertz, its CAS latency is 40 cycles and its voltage is only 1.1 volts.

XLR8 Gaming MAKO and XLR8 Gaming and MAKO RGB PNY Performance DDR5 memories will hit the market during the first quarter of 2022.

Until the arrival of these PNY DDR5 RAM modules on the market, here you can consult the entire offer of memory modules from the manufacturer in PcComponentes.

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