XMAS TECH DRAW: Participate in the draw for a set of Trust products

December is the month of raffles and in verycomputer We don’t bring you one… but 6 raffles throughout the month so that you can celebrate these holidays with the best technology in your home.

Participate in the Sorteos XMAS TECH to have the possibility of taking incredible products from world-renowned brands gaming. Keep reading because here we tell you how you can do it.

Trust raffles a pack of gaming products

This week it is the turn of the Trust to draw a lot of products valued at more than €250:

  • Wireless GXT 391Thian PC/PS5/PS4 Headphones
  • GXT 834 Callaz TKL mechanical keyboard
  • GXT 980 Redex wireless mouse
  • GXT 764 Glide flex XXL mat
  • GXT 619 Thorne Soundbar

And so that you know what you can take home this Christmas, here is a brief description of the products, which are You can find it on the Trust’s official website.

Wireless GXT 391Thian Headphones

Thian wireless headphones have been designed thinking about the environment and in your comfort, with a light and ecological design made with recycled materials and leatherette pads with a mesh upper layer.

They have a built-in rechargeable battery that offers 13 hours of gameplay, while the included 5.8 Ghz USB dongle gives you a super-fast connection every time you game. Also, you’ll be able to adjust the volume and mute mode of the swivel microphone on the pads for easy and comfortable control.

GXT 834 Callaz TKL mechanical keyboard

the sensitive mechanical switches Outemu Adaptive Mechanical Keyboard GXT 834 Callaz TKL last up to 50 million keystrokes, so you’ll always be prepared to play for a long, long time.

Save on space with the Tenkeyless design. No number pad means more space for other peripherals (and, of course, your snacks), while a metal top plate prepares the keyboard for intense gaming sessions. Finally, rainbow wave lighting, with 6 colors and 20 modes, Plus with adjustable brightness and speed, it’ll add a pinch (or 10) of spice to your gaming environment.

GXT 980 Redex wireless mouse

Trust Redex has an integrated battery that provides up to 50 hours of gameplay continuous and features Kailh mechanical switches, so durable they They hold up to 80 million clicks.

Click to win thanks to the low latency of the GXT 980 Redex wireless Mouse, in both wired and wireless modes, so your actions are as fast as your reactions. Also, a LED switch on/off allows you to turn off your computer when your game session comes to an end.

It has an adjustable optical sensor, and very precise that offers a sensitivity of up to 10,000 DPI, while 6 programmable buttons let you customize the mouse to suit your gaming style. You can also use the included software to adjust the RGB lighting to enhance your mood or match the ambiance of your gaming area.

GXT 764 Glide flex XXL mat

With its extra-large design, comfortable textile surface and RGB LED-illuminated edges, the Trust GXT 764 Glide-Flex XXL RGB Mouse Pad packs all the features you need to start a winning streak.

Is XXL mouse pad, 300 mm wide x 930 mm high, it guarantees maximum freedom of movement so that you can carry out any action necessary to achieve victory. It’s almost a meter wide, wide enough to accommodate the keyboard and allow mouse action, with a non-slip rubber base that keeps the mouse pad in place even during the most intense battles.

The Trust GXT 764 Glide-Flex XXL RGB Mouse Pad is a reliable base for any mouse. Glide your mouse across the mousepad with speed and precision, regardless of which sensor or sensitivity setting you’re using. Likewise, its flexibility allows you to roll it up comfortably and take it wherever you want.

GXT 619 Thorne Soundbar

A space-saving design and allows the sound bar to be easily placed under the monitor, so you can free up space on the desk for other objects or accessories. USB power cable and auxiliary cable (both included) are all it takes to plug and play; there is nothing to configure (or connect to the wall socket).

RGB lighting in 6 different modes, so lets create a setup perfect audiovisual for movies, music and gaming, whatever your personal style.

How can you participate?

The draw will take place from December 9 to 14 on our Instagram account @muycomputer.

The bases to participate are the following:

♦️ Follow @muycomputer and @trust_spain on Instagram.

♦️ LIKE ❤️ to this post.

♦️ Mention a different friend / friend as many times as you want.

♦️ It is not mandatory, but as a plus, save this photo to your favorites and share it in your stories tagging Very Computer and Trust.

♦️ The draw will end on December 14 at 12:00 p.m. and the winner will be announced that same day through our Instagram stories. So watch out!

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