XMAS TECH RAFFLE: Participate in the raffle for a Krypton 750 Mouse and a Genesis Nitro 720 Chair

December is the month of raffles and in verycomputer We don’t bring you one… but 6 raffles throughout the month so that you can celebrate these holidays with the best technology in your home.

Participate in the Sorteos XMAS TECH to have the possibility of taking incredible products from world-renowned brands gaming. Keep reading because here we tell you how you can do it.

Genesis raffles a Krypton 750 Mouse and a Nitro 720 Chair

This week it is the turn of Genesis, which raffles two products valued at more than €280: a Krypton 750 Mouse and a Nitro 720 Chair; and the best thing is that you can choose them in the color you prefer.

And so you know what you can take home this Christmas, here is a brief description of the products, which you can find on the official Genesis website.

Krypton 750 mouse

The Krypton 750 Mouse is composed of a reliable PAW3333 optical sensor, with sensitivity in a range between 200 to 8000 DPI. The maximum processing speed is maintained at 8000 FPS and the maximum acceleration is 35 G. Bet on precision in every movement with the Krypton 750 Mouse DPI change button that allows you to choose 6 levels instantly.

Also, under the replaceable panel of the Krypton 750 there is a tray with small discs with weights that will allow you to perfectly adjust the weight of your mouse according to your needs. Adjust the number of disks and their placement. Experiment with a weight range of 58 to 76 grams and discover the perfect configuration of the Krypton 750 that will give you victory in your games.

The Krypton 750 comes with a stunning RBG backlight representing the Genesis exclusive PRISMO effect that will illuminate your booth in any color you choose. Additionally, all backlight color options can be configured from the Genesis-specific software and you can choose from 16 million colors to create an atmosphere worthy of a winner.

The Krypton 750 Mouse has 6 programmable buttons, so thanks to one click you can get a spectacular victory. Finally, you will be able to assign necessary functions and shortcuts to individual buttons that will give you the upper hand on the battlefield.

Nitro 720 chair

Are you looking for a comfortable chair that protects your posture from the many hours of gaming sessions in front of the computer? Well, the Nitro 720 Chair has that and more.

you will be before a gaming chair with adjustable elementscreated entirely of resistant eco-leather.

Forget back pain and focus on what matters most. The Nitro 720 chair answers the needs of gamers who struggle not only with back pain, but also with incorrect posture while gaming.

The Nitro 720 It has a wide seat with deformation resistant foam and has a profiled and adjustable backrest, two key elements of the chair where special attention was presented.

Finally 3D armrests have become an indispensable element of the Nitro 720 chair, since you can easily adjust the height, extension and direction. Also, this chair comes two cushions; one to rest the head comfortably and another for the lower back, an area that is particularly exposed to pain.

How can you participate?

The draw will take place from December 5 to 9 on our Instagram account @muycomputer.

The bases to participate are the following:

♦️ Follow @muycomputer and @es.genesis_zone on Instagram.

♦️ LIKE ❤️ to this post.

♦️ Mention a different friend / friend as many times as you want.

♦️ It is not mandatory, but as a plus, save this photo to your favorites and share it in your stories tagging Very Computer and Genesis.

♦️ The draw will end on December 9 at 12:00 p.m. and the winner will be announced that same day through our Instagram stories. So watch out!

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