XPG Alpha Wireless, a gaming mouse awarded for its ergonomics, performance and style

Better known for its internal components for computers, the truth is that XPG has an equally powerful and interesting range of gaming peripherals for gamers, which has just been expanded with the arrival of the XPG Alpha Wirelessits new wireless gaming mouse that stands out for its award-winning ergonomic design, a low-power PAW-3335 sensor, and premium OMRON switches for greater comfort and performance.

Starting with its design, we find simple and elegant curved contours that seek to offer a comfortable grip, emphasizing on a balance between form and function, ergonomics and smooth gaming experiences. In addition, the design of this mouse is based on some data from a global survey conducted by XPG among its users, with, for example, a total width derived from collected finger measurements. A quest for perfection and detail brought to the XPG Alpha Wireless the 2022 Red Dot Award win to the best design.

Although its advantages do not remain in the aesthetic. Inside, this mouse has a high-performance, low-power PAW-3335 sensor of Pixart energy, capable of being configured under a sensitivity between 100 and 16,000 DPI, covering a full range for the requirements of all types of games. In addition, its main switches are backed by some premium OMRON switches, which in addition to an impeccable response, are capable of offering a useful life of up to 60 million clicks. Finally, there is the presence of a programmable triangular button on the top of the mouse, which offers excellent flexibility to connect to the XPG PRIME software.

And it is that both its small RGB lighting additions and all the functions of the XPG Alpha Wireless can be programmed and customized through this software, allowing us to create a user experience completely adapted to our needs and style of play.

Thus closing its characteristics, as its name suggests, this mouse is equipped with wireless connectivity, with Two connection modes including USB to 2.4G dongle and Bluetooth connectionwhich together with their up to 60 hours of battery life per chargethey assure us several days of uninterrupted use wherever we go.

Although we can already find the XPG Alpha Wireless signed on the company’s website, at the moment no details about its price or availability have been shared, which are expected to be updated soon.

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