Y: The Last Man has been canceled: no second season for the dystopian TV series

The second season of Y: The last man it won’t happen and the episodes of the TV series available on Disney + will be the only ones and the last that we will see.

FX has in fact decided not to renew the dystopian show based on the comic book Y: The last man from Brian K. Vaughan.

FX cancels Y: The Last Man Who Won’t Have A Second Season

Thus, two weeks after the end of the first season, one of the apparently most interesting TV series of recent times aired in the USA on Hulu and arrived in Italy on Disney + via the Star label on 22 September.

The news, reported by Deadline, was accompanied by the disheartened statements via Twitter from the executive producer Eliza Clark and the actress Amber Tamblyn interpreter of Kimberly Cunningham in the series.

Clark shows all her disappointment with a decision that prevents an important story from being told:

We have learned that we will not be moving forward with FX on Hulu for Season 2 of Y: The Last Man. I have never been more involved in a story in my life, and there is still so much to tell… We don’t want it to end.

Echoing the wish expressed by Eliza Clark, Amber Tamblyn said she was hopeful that los how can somehow survive, sharing on a post the hashtag, never so apt, #YLivesOn:

Even though I am disappointed, I know this extraordinary sight that has so much to say will soon find a great new home. Looking forward to the next chapter. If you are with me, let the whole world know. #YLivesOn

What is Y: The Last Man talking about?

Based on the comic written by Brian Vaughan (Lost, Ex Machina, Pride of Baghdad) and drawn by Pia Guerra, the TV series tells of a massacre: almost half of the planet’s population disappears and the gears of society are jammed, leaving the women left with the task of collecting the pieces of civilization to prevent its total collapse. In a mysterious and unexpected way, however, the “gendercide”, as it is renamed, is not complete.

For some reason, two males are spared from death: a young man named Yorick Brown and his pet capuchin monkey, Ampersand.

Suddenly, this previously unknown boy of just over twenty becomes the most important person on the planet: the world hopes that Yorick is the key to unlocking the secret of the mysterious plague. For Yorick, however, the most important person on the planet is on the other side of the globe… and the boy has no intention of stopping at nothing to find her.

Details and cast of the TV series

Y: The last man was developed for television by Eliza Clark, showrunner and executive producer along with Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson, Mari Jo Winkler-Ioffreda, Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. Coleman Herbert is the co-executive producer, while Nellie Reed and Anna Beben are the producers. The series is produced by FX Productions.

The cast includes Diane Lane (Congresswoman Jennifer Brown), Ashley Romans (Agent 355), Ben Schnetzer (Yorick Brown), Olivia Thirlby (Hero Brown), Amber Tamblyn (Kimberly Campbell Cunningham), Marin Ireland (Nora Brady), Diana Bang ( Dr. Allison Mann), Elliot Fletcher (Sam Jordan) and Juliana Canfield (Beth Deville). All episodes of the season will be directed by women and the production includes a significant number of female department heads, including both the directors of photography, the production designer, the costume designer, the casting director, the editors, the stunt coordinator and more. .

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