Yes we can see Apple headphones but the glasses, there are years to have them

apple glass

Much is being made and there has been speculation about the possibility that Apple will launch a device capable of showing us the reality of things in a virtual way through a device that is placed on the head. We have heard and read that they can be headphones and also glasses. We have even read the possibility that it is a device that combines the two concepts. Taking into account all that we have been able to unravel from the rumors and seeing how the competition spends them, we are clear that the headphones can be launched at any time, but that the glasses cannot. There are still years to see them. This is at least how most analysts express it.

Rumors indicate that Apple is in the position to launch a new device consisting of headphones this year. That will make us understand seeing the reality that surrounds us in a different way than what we are used to. However, this experience is not entirely complete without full visualization and for that you need virtual reality glasses that according to analysts They are very far from becoming a reality.

The arrival of Apple’s first augmented reality device was originally scheduled for 2020. However, numerous obstacles and delays have caused the American brand to postpone its launch until 2023. Initially, the idea was to present it in January 2020. this year, but plans changed at the end of 2022, when it was decided to delay it until spring.

These dates match those mentioned by Ming-Chi Kuo, who on numerous occasions has advanced details about Apple products. The analyst assured, not long ago, that the commercial launch of Reality Pro would have been delayed until the second half of the year and also indicated that its presentation would probably take place at a press event in the spring. Although Leave the door open for it to be at the WWDC 2023 event.

However, it must be taken into account that virtual reality glasses are not entirely comfortable or small enough to be able to use them on a day-to-day basis. They would be a more well-thought-out device to use them in a timely manner. At an exorbitant price and designed for developers, rather. The device would be priced close to $3,000. Inside it would inhabit an M2 processor similar to the one that Apple mounts in some Macs, two 4K screens with micro-LED technology, an external panel that would display facial expressions to other people, and a dozen cameras. Made with premium materials such as aluminum, glass and carbon fiber. Unlike the Apple Watch, the bands that allow the device to be attached to the head would not be interchangeable. These would also contain electronic components and batteries.

apple glasses

But what users demand are glasses like the ones in the image that heads this entry. That they can be used at any time and that can also give a different and above all useful vision of the environment. But it seems that it is not possible.

We have one of the keys to making that statement in the virtual reality glasses that the Chinese company Xiaomi has presented. The official name of the product is Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition. They look like an oversized pair of sunglasses with a silver finish instead of being all black. The glasses feature a pair of Micro-OLED screens. One for each eye. They are able to launch images Full HD at 1,200 nits of brightness. There are three forward-facing cameras on the front of the glasses that are used to map the environment immediately in front of the wearer.

They are glasses that, even though they are small, are not suitable for the day-to-day that is demanded. For this reason, it is possible that we will see the launch of a device that does not become augmented or virtual reality glasses. At least as we have thought or how they have made us think. We have to take into account that the launch is only for those headphones and that we cannot develop its full potential.

It is true that many rumors indicate that this Apple device will be much thinner and lighter than other devices available on the market and that it would have a digital crown similar to that of the Apple Watch and, although the device has integrated speakers, they could be linked with the latest AirPods for a more private experience. In addition, its own operating system, xrOS, would be integrated with the rest of the services of the Apple company. This would make the experience a good one.

Apple has to surprise us a lot with the existence of these glasses that can be used on a regular basis. I hope it confuses me but I think we will see a device but not those glasses that we all want to see and use so much.

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