Yes, Wordle is now also played on a Game Boy

Our dear Josh Wardle has created a monster. Of that we have no doubt. As I told you a few days ago, there is already a theme wordle of practically everything that exists. Does that mean that the topic is finally running out? Will we go back to crossword puzzles and sudoku? No way! At this stage of Wordle’s maturity, it is still important to attract attention. And that is what ghidraninja has done, an expert in computer security and reverse engineering who has decided to take the wordle to the console that is currently the most talked about: the game boy.

Wordle doesn’t get tired and debuts on 8-bit consoles

just hours ago, Wordle has landed on the legendary Game Boy. The project has been announced by a Twitter user, stacksmashing (@ghidraninja), and has posted two different roms: a ROM for original Game Boy and another version for Pocket. Apparently, these two files can be run on a console as long as you have a cartridge capable of loading gamessuch as EZ Flash, which uses a micro SD card to load ROMs.

However, as having one of these cartridges is not as common as we think, most users who have decided to try ghidraninja’s invention have opted for the emulation. So if you feel like checking out this game and don’t have one of those cartridges or your Game Boy handy, you can play it on mobile with a emulator like My Old Boy. There is also a browser version that the creator has uploaded to their GitHub page.

Simple game, but with limitations

The developer of this Wordle for Game Boy was inspired by a tweet he saw from a user playing Wordle on a Palm VII. Unlike other Wordle-based projects, this case had to be designed from scratch. And, although it has been a Saturday project, and a relatively easy job according to ghidraninja, there are some problems with this version of Wordle that has not been able to solve.

First of all, the wordle dictionary for game boy is much more limited than in the original game. It has been limited to include only the 8,000 words most common in English. This is because the size of Game Boy ROMs is extremely limited. On the other hand, some users have reported that the game crashes a lot when there is a double letter in the hidden word, and the creator of this version himself has recognized the problem, alleging that he has not been able to implement the ‘multiletter’ of the original Wordle. We assume again that it is a technical limitation of programming on the Game Boy, since, coming from an expert in computer security and reverse engineering, it would be rare for a Javascript code that can be read perfectly to resist it. If you want to play, we leave you the original tweet of ghidraninja to download the version that interests you the most or go directly to the browser game.

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