Yōkai! returns to Kickstarter with a new setting: Ryukyu

Yōkai!, role-playing and interpretation game created by Moreno Pollastri, come back upstairs Kickstarter to present its first game expansion: Ryukyu! It is an environmental manual in which we will be able to explore the islands of the Southern Japan, different both for culture and for the creatures that inhabit them from the rest of the nation.

The project landed on July 1 on the crowdfunding platform and there is very little to reach the minimum goal for the production of the game. In short, if you are passionate about atmospheres and Japanese mythology you have to take a look at this project!

Ryukyu, the first setting for Yōkai !, is now on Kickstarter

Yōkai! is an RPG in which players take on the role of monsters belonging to Japanese mythology, called precisely Yōkai. These are creatures born from dreams, superstitions and terror, who live their existence affiliated with some “families” called Clan, feudal-style organizations commanded by a clan leader and made up of various types of monsters.

The Kickstarter provides for the creation of the Ryukyu setting manual, thanks to which we will get acquainted with powerful artifacts and ancient and mysterious Clans, which will give players and Sensei the opportunity to meet increasingly intriguing challenges and increasingly frightening creatures.

In particular, the manual will contain: 5 Additional Playable Races (Karakasa, Mizuchi, Jorogumo…), new racial legacies, Archetypes of creation and origin, new arcane powers divided into 5 new spheres of power (Metal, Fire, Water, Wood, Earth) monsters and opponents, Magic items and mythological, the guide to the mysterious regions and places of the islands of southern Japan.

The surprises of this new Kickstarter, however, do not end here! In fact, thanks to crowdfunding we will be able to get Yōkai’s first solo adventure! by title The Initiation, to be read like a game book, with the graphics by Gabriele “Mazzarrt” Mazzarella and the cover by Marga “Blackbanshee” Biazzi.

Check out the Kickstarter page to find out more!

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