Yooz presents its solution to automate the management of invoices in consultancies

The financial management solutions company, Yooz, has just introduced its new solution for automate invoice management in the cloud purchase and sale of consulting and accounting offices.

Accounting consultancies face great challenges in terms of productivity, efficiency and competitiveness in your market. Yooz Expert aims to unleash the full productive potential of professional offices, through the intelligent automation of customer supplier invoices.

Yooz Expert is the solution for accounting consulting firms that wish to automatically collect and process the 100% of the document flow of its customers, improve its services and develop new offers to increase its competitiveness. Yooz is the reference solution in the accounting world, approved by the AEAT for certified digitization that allows you to face the challenges of productivity, reliability, differentiation, customer service and develop new services that provide added value to your customers quickly, easy and accessible.

Options for companies

Yooz proposes with its new offer:

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  • The highest level of automation, without human intervention, unified, industrialized and approved by the AEAT
  • A 100% cloud platform, with a modern interface, intuitive and customizable to facilitate collaboration between the firm and its clients,
  • An electronic filing mode that facilitates access to documents by the firm and its clients,
  • A solution to improve the service offered by law firms to their clients,
  • Native integration with more than 250 ERP`s and accounting systems,

– A tool to delve into the digital transformation of law firms, promoting their brand image towards a more modern and innovative one.

In summary, the new solution achieves between 20 and 50% time savings in the overall process, with a complete invoice rate of 80%, facilitating the sending of invoices, their filing and their entry thanks to OCR to digitize the documents.

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