Yopidoya, the app that looks for waiters for the hospitality industry

Two 22-year-olds Bernat Relats and Sergi Borja have created the startup Yopidoya, which allows you to order and pay from the table through a QR no need for a waiter. Relats and Borja have changed the rules of the game in the world of hospitality. Yopidoya provides a solution to the lack of waiters, the stress and work overload that this causes and which are currently problems that endanger the viability of many restaurants. This week, the app has been nominated for the award for the best Startup in the SIL 2022 Innovation Hub.

«Yopidoya is the innovative solution that allows the world of hospitality solve the problem of hiring waiters, and it’s as easy to understand as it is to use”, affirm its young creators. Just by scanning a QR code, restaurant customers order and pay with their mobile phones without having to wait for the waiter. The order arrives directly at the POS device used by the restaurant, avoiding errors and reducing waiting times. This technological solutionIt allows the restaurant to improve its turnover by up to 30%, increase table turnover by an average of 18% and reduce the workload of a waiter by 50%.

Immediate benefits at zero cost

The app has zero cost for the restaurateur of any bar or restaurant, large or small. To enjoy the services offered by Yopidoya, you only have to request the smart card on its website and automatically and immediately, you can benefit from all the advantages mentioned above, thus replacing processes that do not generate value and maintaining your competitiveness against large groups that enjoy greater technological support.

How does it work? When a customer pays through the platform, a small supplement of 1% of the total price is added as a service cost, this is Yopidoya’s benefit. As the same client covers the expense, the restaurant receives 100% of the price of its products in its bank account and without the payment terminal commission.

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Yopidoya was born during the pandemic “As a result of the appearance and normalization of the QR and the possibility of eliminating customer waits when they ask for or want to pay the bill”. What began to improve the customer experience has ended up revolutionizing restaurant management as it reduces costs and significantly increases efficiency and billing.

So far, two pilot tests have been carried out with restaurants in their area and now they already have more than 15 restaurants who want to join the revolutionary formula “Yopidoya”.

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