You already have it at home and you can use it to save a lot of energy in winter

Want save on your electricity bill in winter? It is important that you take into account certain recommendations that you can put into practice. Sometimes, simply by using things you already have at home, you can have very positive results. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you what you can take advantage of in your home, with things you may have, to try to spend less each month.

The objective is to maintain the housing at a good temperature, without involving excessive electricity costs. And yes, you can achieve it. At least, you can greatly reduce the energy expenditure that you will have in the months when the temperature drops a lot and you need to use certain devices to gain comfort.

Save electricity in winter

You can use smart thermostats, low-consumption radiators and other devices to try to keep the house at a good temperature, without spending too much. However, in some cases what can help you is something that you already have at home and that you can take advantage of to consume less or keep the temperature better.

Curtains and blinds

A clear example are curtains and blinds. The normal thing is that your home has both things in the windows. What can you do to save? The idea is to lower the blinds and draw the curtains depending on the temperature outside. For example, at night it is interesting to lower the blinds so that less cold comes in from outside. On the other hand, during the day, when the temperature rises, you may want to get as much sunlight as possible.

Therefore, by using curtains and blinds at home, you could save some energy in the winter months. The key is to use them correctly, at the right time, and thus try to maintain the temperature better, with the aim of having to use the heating less or at a lower power and spend less energy.

Power strips

You have someone power strip at home? It’s another thing you probably have. In this case, the idea is to better control the appliances and devices that you connect to the network. You can turn them off simply by disconnecting the power strip, which will allow you to put an end to phantom consumption in many devices and appliances that are going to consume something.

In winter, you can achieve this by connecting things like a heater, radiator or stove here. To avoid forgetting to turn them off, you can simply connect all of them to a power strip where you will also connect other things, such as a computer or television. The idea is to disconnect everything at once, when you go out, and thus avoid spending more than necessary. It’s just an idea, since the uses you can give to a power strip are multiple.

Window draft excluders

You can also take advantage weather stripping for doors or windows. You can even use materials that you may have at home, that you have used for other uses before, or buy them. But what exactly are weather stripping? Basically, they are materials that you can put to cover the slots in windows or doors and thus prevent the cold from outside from entering.

The objective is that you can better maintain the heat in your home. This will help save energy, since you will be able to use the heating for less time and the residual heat will last longer. If you have a window through which cold air constantly enters from outside, it is a problem for savings.

You can see some window weatherstripping options:

Take advantage of home automation

Have home automation devices? They can also be useful to save electricity in winter. For example, you can use a Wi-Fi enabled socket to connect a stove or radiator. You will be able to control the on and off, even if you are not at home. This will allow you to have them on only as long as necessary.

You could achieve something similar with home automation sensors or smart thermostats. You can better manage the temperature, detect the entry of cold air if a window is open, etc. As in other cases, what we are looking for is to maintain the temperature better and not have to spend excessive energy. You need a good connection to use home automation, so you may have to improve your use of the Wi-Fi PLCs or devices you use.

As you can see, you can take advantage of what you already have at home to save on your electricity bill during the winter. Although you always have the option of upgrading your appliances and you could buy certain devices, sometimes what you already have in your home is enough.

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