You are going to hallucinate with this drone ride through a Tesla factory

Tesla has already set foot in Europe. Elon Musk’s company opened its first factory in grünheide, Germany. On March 22, the tycoon flew to Germanic lands to baptize the first models that left the factory before delivering them to their respective clients. However, the new factory has had a somewhat unusual letter of introduction: a video of about three minutes in which a drone tour all the facilities to show us at a glance how this works new Tesla plant in Europe.

Tesla lands in Europe and it has not been a bed of roses

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla megafactory in Germany It has been almost a nightmare for those of Elon Musk. Those from Austin thought they had everything under control, but things got complicated little by little. The factory apparently hoped to start production in December 2021 at the latest. However, Elon and his companions underestimated what those of us from the old continent like a good bureaucratic procedure. In addition, the fact that the cars of this brand are more ecological has not freed them from a battle with environmental groups in the area, with whom they have had to go to court because they even managed to cut off their water supply.

Finally, last March, the gigafactory started operating with almost 3,000 employees inside. According to Tesla, the facilities are prepared to house up to 10,000 workers, who would be able to create more than half a million vehicles a year, with a productivity of 10,000 Tesla Model Ys per day.

Tesla shows its new factory to its competitors

Tesla knows very well that, although they are ahead in the field of electricity, in Europe, the automobile industry has a lot of experience. They face at home against enemies like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz or BMW. It is not surprising that the American brand wanted to brag about its technical ability with a video in which they show us all the technology that is under the huge roof of their new gigafactory in Grünheide.

The video it is simply spectacular. In just three minutes, Tesla teaches us with this video many of the details of this factory. Everything, from an aerial view and with a drone that slips into even the fairest gaps to be able to advance. They show us how they make parts of the chassis, the sheet metal, how they weld the parts and how the vehicles are painted, among many other processes. A most interesting guided tour reminiscent of the program megafactories from National Geographic.

Tesla’s new gigafactory in Europe has just started, and it will be the brand’s fourth factory in terms of production level. Some experts in the automotive world already point out that the manufacturing quality of the models that are coming out of Grünheide is superior to the cars that have previously left the Giga Nevada, Buffalo and Shanghai facilities. Come on, Tesla seems to be taking it very seriously to take over the European market.

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