You are going to pay more for your new motherboard and these are the reasons

The sales of the AMD Ryzen 7000 are not being as good as expected. The cause of it? It seems to be in the high price of X670 motherboards for this family of desktop processors. This is a barrier to adoption, since it is mandatory to acquire one in order to use one. Has Lisa Su’s business become as or more expensive than its rival, and why?

Since you can’t use a processor without the motherboard, one of the pitfalls of Intel and AMD is to price competitively on processors and then get your money back on the motherboard. Well, at the moment the sales of the Ryzen 7000 are not being as good as expected, since Lisa Su’s company has brought with it the need to change the motherboard for years, which is leading many brand users are reluctant to change and are opting for the Ryzen 5000.

AMD has a price problem with its motherboards

The historical three-letter company has had the problem that for years it has been seen as a cheaper alternative to Intel, this leads to a vicious circle that is detrimental. Lower price means less collection and especially if your market share is lower. In the end you find that in a world where costs are getting bigger and bigger you cannot compete under that policy. So it’s totally normal AMD seeks not only to have processors on par with its rival, but also to match it in price.

However, mounting a PC with a Ryzen 7000 as a processor it is becoming an economic problem for many users. Especially for those who continue with the old-fashioned mentality that AMD means that, yes or yes, it has to be cheap, while not taking into account that the costs of designing and manufacturing a new processor are no longer what they were. Hence the paradigm shift in terms of prices, not only to compete against Intel, but also to survive.

Which has led to the prices of motherboards with AM5 chipset being priced higher than expected, especially those using X670 Extreme chipsetwhere we can see a price disparity that is not normal and in some cases like this the motherboard can be more expensive than some processors like the Ryzen 7700X.

What is really happening?

Well, neither more nor less than the usual cost of adopting a new platform, let’s not forget that the AM5 chipset not only serves to be able to use Ryzen 7000 processors, but also brings technologies such as the use of PCI Express 5.0 in all areas, DDR5 and USB4 on our PC. All this is not possible in AM4 due to technical limitations of the previous generation socket and these are technologies that are the next step forward in terms of performance.

And yes, we know this is a no-brainer, but one of the reasons why new products are expensive is not only to capitalize on early buyers, those who are most eager to have the newest thing. But also to be able to clean up the stock of the previous generation. When a new generation of processors comes out, sometimes it is good to bet on the previous one, mostly because of the price drop in the transfer time.

In any case, you don’t need an AMD motherboard with an X670 chipset to be able to build a PC around the new AMD chips. You can do it without problems with B650 motherboards and have a totally competitive computer in terms of performance and save yourself a few hundred euros in the process.

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