You are not alone: ​​Windows has broken your printer, but there is a solution

Among the many peripherals that make up our Windows-based computer, the printing machine could be considered as one of the most important. This is something that is extended both at home and in the office, so if it stops working, we have a problem.

Also, it is important to know that the reasons for this error can be given for multiple reasons. Next, we are going to talk about a bug that is being detected recently and that directly affects printing through USB ports in Windows 10. And it is because of what many users have been able to verify the process when printing is not possible. It is interesting to know that we can find ourselves facing this unpleasant error due to the latest updates of the operating system itself.

In fact, we could say that Microsoft itself is currently warning users that the latest Windows updates released after June 28, are causing these printing problems. We must bear in mind that we find these when we have the device connected via USB. All this is because the firm has received reports of problems that directly affect printers after installing the latest updates.

In particular, users can find these bugs as of the arrival of KB5014666. This means that the affected system versions in Windows 10 are 20H2, 21H1 and 21H2.

How to fix the error with the printer in Windows

To give you an idea of ​​everything we are talking about, the symptoms reported by users include that the applications cannot print. Additionally, Windows displays duplicate copies of installed devices of this type with similar names. Therefore, the normal use of the peripheral could be interrupted at any time and unexpectedly. Obviously all this would cause a print operations failed that we are about to carry out.

Unfortunately at this time the company has not yet provided any solution to the bug. They assure that they are investigating and later they will release an update that fixes it. Despite all this, Microsoft tells us about some measure we can take to avoid these failures with the printer. Thus, affected users, for example, can access the Settings app to go to Devices and select Printers and scanners.

In the event that we find entries from duplicate printers, first of all, we need to make sure that the print works as expected. It is recommended to focus on the original entry instead of the duplicate. Thus, we click with the right mouse button on the duplicate that we mentioned and select Printer Properties / Ports. Here we will see the port in use, so we will have to set the same in the original printer. Then we can already eliminate the duplicate.

At the same time we can also try update peripheral driver or search for a firmware update on the manufacturer’s website. Another possible solution that we can use is reinstall the device in Windows right from the start. Obviously all this while waiting for Microsoft to send us a patch to solve the bug permanently.

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