You are not taking advantage of Kodi if you do not use these addons

Kodi is, by its own merits, the best application to consume all kinds of multimedia content that we have stored on our computer. But, in addition, it is also one of the best options for consuming content available on other platforms in a simpler, more comfortable and faster way thanks to the support it offers for complements, also known as addons. Although there are interesting alternatives to Kodi, none have achieved the same success as this one.

The addons or complements can be installed on Kodi through the repositories, whose operation is exactly the same as on Linux: a server from where we have access to a large number of applications that we can install. Kodi includes a repository, the official repository from where we can install a large number of these addons, addons that have been reviewed and are completely safe. Whenever possible, it is advisable to use this repository and avoid installing others that probably include malicious software to infect our computer.

From the official Kodi repository, we can install a large number of addons. Depending on what our needs are, below, we show you some of the best Kodi addons to get the most out of this application.


If the documentaries at noon on La 2 bore us and we want to expand our knowledge based on documentaries, the add-ons we need to install on Kodi are Agorawhich includes access to documentaries on technology history, nature and others and Explore where we can also find documentaries of all kinds.

HBO, Disney+, Netflix and others

If we use a computer connected to a television that is not considered intelligent, if we do not want to use the keyboard and mouse to access the streaming video platforms of HBO, Netflix either Disney+ We can make use of the different addons available through Kodi and thus be able to access the entire available catalog in a much more comfortable and simple way. It is necessary to have a subscription to be able to access these platforms.

Using Netflix on Kodi

We can also access pluto tv, Youtube either twitch using these types of plugins.

international television

If we want to access the live broadcast of channels that are broadcast outside our country. One of the best addons to access content that is broadcast in other countries openly is Magellanan extension that allows us to access music, information, sports and other channels from almost every country in the world.

child content

Kodi is also an excellent tool to access content for the little ones in the house. Mr. Regal, Tinyland and poplar tv with the best addons to access children’s content.


Fusion It is one of the most complete complements to enjoy anime in series and movies format. This extension puts at our disposal a wide catalog of titles available both in Spanish and in Latin American Spanish. Nor can we leave out other interesting addons such as Funimation NOW either man cave flix.

Funimation NOW


Once we have configured Kodi, just like once Windows is installed, we must make a copy of the entire system so that we do not have to reconfigure it from scratch. Within the official repository available on Kodi, we find the Backup application, an application that allows us to make a backup both the configuration we use and all the plugins and repositories we have added to the application.

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