You can ask the new Sony TVs where the remote is

Acknowledge it. The remote control It is one of the things that is most lost at home, and is that this accessory has the ability to sneak into the darkest corners of your sofa, or remain perfectly camouflaged in the living room furniture. There are days when it is very difficult to find it, but Sony wants to make it easy for you so that you do not waste time looking for it.

Where is the controller?

One of the most common problems in salons around the world already has a solution. That is Sony’s proposal with its new remote control that it will include in the new range of televisions for 2022, since this new version is capable of communicating with the TV to emit a sound when requested.

Imagine that you have lost the remote control again, well, now all you have to do is launch the command “Ok google search the mandor”, And the remote control will start to make a sound so that we can find it more easily. For now we do not know if the command must be recited on the TV with Google TV or on any device with the assistant (such as a Google Nest mini speaker), so we will leave doubts when we can test one of these new equipment.

The commands that will activate the function are the following (after saying Ok, Google):

  • Look for the remote
  • Where is the remote control
  • Locate the remote control

Sony’s new remote control

New Sony remote

After many generations and many Smart TV models, the Sony remote control has been redesigned, and although it is still very traditional and true to its ideas, they have modified some aspects that users have been asking for for a long time.

First, the number of buttons has been reduced from 49 to 25, something that was ridiculous at this point, where streaming services have more weight and television channels less. For that reason, the numeric keypad has been eliminated, allowing the length of the accessory to be reduced, reducing the total size by 36% less. Those users who miss the numeric pad will be able to have a new interface that will appear on the screen.

As was the case in previous generations, there will be two versions of the remote depending on the range in which it is included. Thus, the model Premium with backlit keys and find-your-command functionality will come with the Z9K, A95K, A90K and Z95K. The model Standard It will be included in the A80K and X90K versions, and aesthetically it will be identical to the Premium, with the exception of not including the two star functions.

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