You can buy a (real) electric Batmobile

The Batmobile, Batman’s famous vehicle, is almost as famous as the original hero and has undoubtedly contributed to the character’s current notoriety. Still, this jet-black speedster has evolved considerably over the iterations, and it continues to do so; it is now up to date with an electric version, while waiting for the next release of The Batman.

This new model is based on the vehicle from the trilogy The Dark Knight, certainly one of the most emblematic of the series with its threatening and aggressive look. To bring it back to life, artist Nguyen Dan Ching has pulled out all the stops. With the help of a team of designers, mechanics, architects and engineers, he worked hard to produce a Batmobile capable of running without a drop of fossil fuel.

A quasi-true copy

This all-electric Batmobile is built from various composites, steel and carbon fiber panels directly onto a steel frame. Most of the parts were directly 3D printed, while others had to be made by hand to get as close as possible to the model presented in the film.

At the end of the process, they presented a car almost identical to that of the film. The only obvious exception: the size of the wheels, which has been revised downwards. We also note the exhaust, whose visible part is entirely dummy, and some slightly different details on the aerodynamic elements. But overall, the measurements of the machine are quite similar. It measures here 3.7m long by 2.4m wide and 1.3m high. Suffice to say that this machine will not be easy to park in town… on the other hand, it is undoubtedly the perfect vehicle to make a remarkable arrival at a prestigious event.

The exit of the vehicle, on the other hand, is likely to be less impressive and even rather burlesque. Indeed, the overall shape of the machine and especially of the passenger compartment suggests that it will take some contortions to get out of this monster of metal and carbon. But despite this particularly cramped cabin, it is still possible to board a passenger. The latter will just have to have no conceptual problem with small spaces and thrills.

Performance is on point

Despite its massive appearance, the machine is limited to a very limited weight; according to the Hindustan Times which relayed the information, this machine would weigh only 600kg. It is therefore a featherweight with which it will be impossible to send multi-ton machines flying like Bruce Wayne does in The Dark Knight. At least, this weight will allow him to swallow the bitumen at more than 100km/h.

And the icing on the cake is that this nugget intended for collectors will be available on the market! Indeed, the Vietnamese car gallery Van Daryl announced that it was going to market the vehicle. The price, on the other hand, has not yet been revealed, nor has the date of availability, and we imagine that this model will have a hard time matching French standards.

On the other hand, this story lacks essential details, starting with the question that everyone is asking: is the car of Gotham’s most famous vigilante? eligible for the conversion bonus? And to that question we answer…Joker.

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