You can change much more than the wallpaper in Windows: find out

Whether buying a new computer based on windows Like doing a clean install of the operating system, one of the first things we do is customize it. By this we mean that we try to adapt, both functionally and aesthetically, the Microsoft software to our tastes or needs.

This will allow us to work much more comfortably with the operating system offered by the software giant, in addition to getting more out of it. Knowing all this, Microsoft itself offers us a series of options and configurations so that we can carry this out. By this we mean a growing number of configurable parameters that we can use to adapt the operating system to what we want.

If we focus on the aesthetic section of the software, there is no doubt that one of the most common elements that we change is the wallpaper. Here we refer to the photo that will be part of our desktop in Windows and that we will have in view whenever we access here. Generally, instead of using the images provided by the system itself, we establish the photo of the friendsthe couple, the vacationthe pet, or anything else that seems pleasant to us.

In fact, we can establish several of them and create our own themes so that they change from one to the other. periodically and automatically. But despite being the element that we change the most on a regular basis, there are many other elements that we can customize in the Microsoft system, as we will see now.

system sounds

For many years and versions of the operating system, we are used to a series of sounds that are emitted when certain system events occur. Some have evolved and changed over time, while others have remained. We must bear in mind that this is something that we can modify and customize to set other sounds for those events that we want. Here we can use both files included in Windows itself and others that we load externally.

the icons

Something similar happens with the different icons that we use in Windows. These are found both on the desktop, as in the file explorer or in any other location of the operating system. In addition, they refer to elements of Windows or to external applications which we have installed These icons are also used for certain file formats. We must bear in mind that we can also change them both for other samples included here, or for files that we upload. We can even make our personal designs and include them as icons.

Accent Colors

There are a series of color tones that Windows uses in many of its sections, something that we can also change. This is something that we can carry out from the application of Setting of the system, specifically in the section on Personalization. We can use an accent color from those that the software shows us by default, or create our own tonality.

The sources

When we talk about Windows fonts, we are actually referring to the fonts that the operating system uses by default. These are initially configured to be used in the different sections of Windows, but we can also modify them through other sources already included, or with those that we load externally.

lock screen

The lock screen is the one that is loaded when we access the system before entering our Windows login credentials. Well, Microsoft’s own software allows us to add or remove elements that will be displayed by default in this section, also from the Settings application.

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