You can have a mechanical keyboard, with RGB lighting, without breaking the bank

When buying a computer or updating the current one, we take into consideration sections such as the processor, the RAM that it integrates, or the storage units. But we should also keep in mind other components considered minor but that will greatly influence our user experience. This is the case of the keyboard that we are going to use constantly and in which we should reserve a little more of our budget.

In most cases we do not pay due attention to components such as the aforementioned keyboard or the mouse that we use at all times. With this, what we want to tell you is that surely in most cases you will appreciate having a good quality mechanical keyboard from the beginning. This will allow you to work with text documents and even play games in a much more comfortable and effective way.

We must also take into account that, thanks to current technology, we can acquire devices with these characteristics at really interesting prices. This is precisely the case that we are going to talk about next. And not only that, but we will go one step further and tell you about impressive offers on mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting.

To give you an idea, for less than 50 euros you can buy this Redragon model, the PRO K616 with RGB lighting. It must be said that you can use it both through a USB port and wirelessly via Bluetooth. At this moment it is reduced by 26% on its original price.

Another clear example of all this is found in this model that we can buy right now at a 32% discount. This is the full-size Command RGB gaming keyboard with configurable backlighting with 7 effects.

keyboard command

RGB mechanical keyboards to improve your setup

In certain circumstances it may be the case that we are looking for a device with these characteristics, but reduced in terms of its design. This is the case of the Newskill Suiko Ivory, a small mechanical keyboard with backlighting. It includes its own wrist rest and we can get it now with a 20% discount.

And with more than 30 euros in savings at the moment, we can also opt for The G-Lab Keyz Rubidium. This is an illuminated mechanical gaming keyboard that will meet the expectations of most. It has a QWERTY format and we can receive it comfortably at home for less than 50 euros. It integrates its own wrist rest and we can also use it both on the PC and on the consoles. (CREATE BUTTON)

The choice of a hardware component of this type will also depend, regardless of our budget, on the type of use that we are going to make of it. With everything and with it, the technology of mechanical keyboards will help us in a generic way in most cases.

That said, another interesting model with a discount can be found right now with the AJAZZ AK33. It allows us to configure the keyboard with up to 19 lighting modes to adapt it to our tastes or needs. In addition, its manufacturer has incorporated technology to make it quieter, something that many will surely appreciate when working or playing.

As we can see, we have a wide variety of mechanical keyboards with their own lighting and also at affordable prices for the majority. It will not be necessary to make a huge financial outlay to have a device of this type of quality.

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