You can no longer update Kodi from Google Play. What happened?

We recently announced the arrival of the latest update to the popular multimedia application. In addition, Kodi 19.4 brings some very notable new features that make your download important. But why can’t update Kodi from Google Play Store?

If you have Kodi and have tried update to Kodi Matrix 19.4 You will have seen that from Google Play the option does not appear. The only way to do it today is by downloading the corresponding APK file and installing it manually. And the problem is that the developer team hasn’t been able to adapt the app to Google’s requirements.

As they have communicated through a Twitter message on the official Kodi account, the platform It does not have enough tools to be able to update Kodi and keep it available on Google Play.

You will no longer be able to update Kodi from Google Play due to lack of developers

The truth is that the lack of Kodi developers, one of the most popular multimedia applications in the world, is surprising, but as you may have seen in the Twitter message they have published, they have not been able to adapt the app to Google’s requirements. So until they find a solution, the only way will be downloading the APK corresponding to each update.

In this case, the problem is that within the requirements, Google Play now asks for API30and they don’t have an Android developer that is capable of working with API level 30, essential in Android 11. And even if we don’t have a phone or television with this version of the operating system, Google requires that all new apps and their future updates are already compatible with this version of the operating system.

Being exact, Kodi 19.4 should meet a new requirement from Google: the “Manage External Storage” permission, a restriction enforced via API level 30 and that serves so that we can give permissions for Kodi to access our external hard drives.

And of course, the lack of an Android developer capable of keeping Kodi updated to be available on Google Play has forced them to offer future updates in APK format. Let’s remember that Kodi is open source, and its Git Hub is available for advanced users who want to contribute to this great Open Source project that we have defended so much in AVPasión.

Of course, we should not throw our hands in the head for several reasons. On the one hand, it is extremely easy to install an APK on your television or mobile phone, so it will not take more than a few minutes to do so. And on the other hand, it should be remembered that Kodi has a gigantic community behind it, so we are very sure that more than one Android developer with knowledge of API30 will not hesitate to offer their help so that this project continues to function in the best possible way. terms.

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