You can now buy an Xbox Series X or Series S in installments with everything included

Your console with hundreds of games

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

The play is perfect. This modality will allow you to finance your new console without interest, being able to pay the installments for 24 months, also including the service of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which allows you to access an endless library of games and also enjoy the service Xbox Cloud Gaming to play many games from any device through the cloud.

Xbox All Access It was a service that until now was only available in some countries, and now it finally reaches Spain exclusively through GAME. As expected, the availability of the option with Xbox Series X is completely sold out, as the number of available units of Microsoft’s most powerful console remains zero.

Even so, there are Xbox Series S units, so if you are interested in making the leap to the new generation of Xbox in the easiest way possible, this could be a way to pay for your new console in convenient installments. .

How much does it cost to buy an Xbox in installments?

Xbox Game Pass EA Access

Taking into account that the Xbox All Access service includes, console and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the prices that we will find in the GAME stores are the following:

  • 32.99 euros a month for the pack with Xbox series x
  • 24.99 euros per month for the pack with Xbox Series S

In the case of the small Xbox Series S, the total amount paid in the 24 months of the service will allow you to save 11.99 euros compared to the original price of both products purchased separately. The entire purchase and financing process can be carried out online through the GAME website, with CaixaBank in charge of validating the formalization of the financing.

Do you have a deadline?

This is not a temporary promotion. It is an official service launched by Microsoft in collaboration with GAME, and will technically remain active as long as the consoles continue to be marketed in stores. It is nothing more than a very intelligent strategy with which to make things easy for users, leaving on a tray an extremely complete pack with which to enjoy a new generation console and an endless catalog of games. If at this point you still could not find a way to get one of these consoles, now it will be practically easier than ever to put your new console on the shelf in the living room. Another issue will be finding an available Xbox Series X unit … but we’ll talk better about that another day.

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