You can now buy the cheapest iPhone 12 before Black Friday

Every week we are witnessing how the iPhone 12 and 12 mini drop in price in stores like Amazon. Given that they have all the guarantees and their price is lower than Apple, they are always options to consider. If you are thinking of getting one of them, perhaps now is the best time. We will tell you below everything you need to know about it.

You may first wonder about the available stock due to the crisis hitting the components sector. Well, you should know that there are models with enough stock to arrive tomorrow, while in others the shipment may take several weeks. It is advisable that you consult it at the moment due to the changes that usually undergo.

What discount do you have now?

Here is a list of the current sales that these devices have at the time of publishing this post. As with the stock, these could suffer variations, so we recommend that you hurry to buy them if you are interested in having those discounts.

  • iPhone 12 mini 64GB:
    • Blue or red color: 90 euros discount
    • Purple color: 63 euros discount
  • iPhone 12 mini 128GB:
    • White, blue, black, red or green color: 40 euros discount
  • 256GB iPhone 12 mini:
    • Red color: 70 euros discount
    • Blue, purple, black or green color: 60 euros discount

  • 128GB iPhone 12:
    • Blue, white, black or green color: 50 euros discount
  • 128GB iPhone 12:
    • Black color: 60 euros discount
  • 256GB iPhone 12:
    • Blue, white, purple or green color: 90 euros discount
    • Black color: 50 euros discount

colors iphone 12 mini

Guarantees offered by Amazon

If you have never bought devices of this type on Amazon, you should know that they are supplied by Apple itself, so there is full assurance that they will be completely new and original, being you the first to open it. It gives a deadline to return them of at least 30 days and a 2 years warranty covered by Apple during the first of them and by Amazon itself during the second.

Why are they still worth it?

It is true that the arrival of the iPhone 13 may cast a shadow over these, but even Apple itself continues to sell them in its stores. We already told you in a comparison of iPhone 12 and 13 what their differences were and broadly speaking, and counting on the savings of these offers, it is very worth it.

They are devices with a OLED display 5.4 and 6.1 inches respectively are of excellent quality for viewing content. its performance It is very similar to the new ones, having a very good chip for heavy processes such as computational processing of photographs obtained by its double camera, which remains at the height of the best and in the TOP of video recording.

It is true that in battery They do not shine especially, especially the ‘mini’, but in the end they can give more than enough to spend a day. In fact, the ’12’ does more than comply, even improving the iPhone 12 Pro. Therefore we believe that they are two very suitable terminals still and for many years to come.

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