You can now buy the Thermomix in installments for less than 1 euro a day

Thermomix Live Plan

In the world of kitchen robots, thermomix It continues to be the most desired model by users. Present in domestic and professional kitchens, the robot is characterized by its reliability, durability and performance, which is why the investment involved in its purchase pays off very quickly when you start using it. However, its price is still prohibitive for many, so from Vorwerk they have devised a plan with which to make things easier.

What is the Thermomix Vive Plan?

In the same way that car dealers offer vehicles with a contract in which the customer agrees to pay a specific monthly amount for a period of time, Thermomix has proposed the same. The Vive Plan is something like a renting for Thermomix: you pay a fixed monthly amount and you will enjoy the machine and premium customer service with which you can replace the machine without question.

How much?

The subscription price is 27.79 euros per month, and the period lasts for 4 years. During those 4 years, the client enjoys the following advantages:

  • A Thermomix TM6.
  • 4-year subscription to the Cookidoo service (original price of 48 euros per year).
  • Premium repair service and replacement machine.
  • Official transport bag.
  • 4 year extended warranty.

What happens after 4 years of use?

Once the 4-year period is complete, the user will be able to choose between three different options:

  • Return the machine and end the contract.
  • Make a new contract getting all the benefits again (and maybe a new Thermomix if it existed).
  • He decides to keep the current machine by paying a final payment (amount not specified at this time).

How much is paid in total?

making accounts, in the 4 years you would pay a total of 1,333.92 euroswhat the final amount would have to be added if you want to keep the product. Taking into account that the Thermomix is ​​priced at 1,399 euros and that the Cookidoo service with a 4-year subscription would cost 192 euros, the total sum of everything would cost 1,591 euros, and all this without including the price of the transport bag and the premium maintenance service.

This means that, after the 4-year Plan Vida contract, the final payment to keep the machine should be at least 300 euros to cover material expenses. In any case, it is an approximate calculation that we have made, since we do not have official information from the brand.

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