You can now buy the TV that does not have Huawei TV (on sale)

A display focused on connectivity

The smart screen concept makes all the sense in the world with the Huawei Vision S, a screen focused exclusively on connectivity. And it is that with sizes of 55 and 65 inches, this screen seeks to offer all kinds of technologies with the peculiarity of completely forgetting the image tuner.

We thus find a minimalist design with an extremely thin bezel that hides a large-inch panel with 4K resolution. In addition, the screen is capable of reaching refresh rates of 120 Hz, although for this it will mainly use the algorithm Smart MEMC, since the inputs HDMI what offers They are version 2.0, and not 2.1. Yes, with a glow of 350 nitsIn the official specification list there is no trace of any HDR mode, something that seems quite strange to us if we consider that it is a 4K screen.

Betting on sound and video calls

Huawei Vision S

As an interesting detail, these screens include a total of 4 speakers of great power with which to offer 40 db and technologies such as Dolby Atmos and DTS. Besides, his integrated camera 13 megapixels will be responsible for offering videoconferencing functions with Full HD quality, video calls that we can make with the help of the operating system on the screen, which will be none other than Harmony OS.

It is a proposal that seeks to offer large inches at a very good price, however, many could always have the big question. Do you need television?

Do you need television?

The proposal is risky, but it makes a lot of sense. At a time when most users make use of streaming services, not having a terrestrial antenna might not be a big problem for many, however, some users may not be able to make the leap (without going further away, the last European Championship was broadcast on DTT).

For those cases, Amazon has decided to include next to the screen a TV Box that will allow you tune in to DTT through this external device, so you should not worry about that. And the best thing is that it will not have an additional cost, since the web offers the screen with a discount of 100 euros compared to the official price of the device. In this way, your doubts about having a TV or not will have a solution, and in the event that you decide not to use it, you can always remove the device.

A great price

These two new 55 and 65-inch models hit stores for 799 and 999 euros respectively, although on the occasion of their launch, Huawei has decided to offer a discount of 100 euros in its official store, a discount that is also available on Amazon. where they also give you the TV Box. In this way you can get both models for 699 and 899 euros respectively, which is not bad at all.

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