You can now buy Windows 11 licenses in the Microsoft Store (but you won’t)

Microsoft has started selling Windows 11 licenses in its official store. It has been “discovered” by the guys at PCmag, because there has been no official announcement or publicity about it. Perhaps because Microsoft prefers that you buy a PC with the system pre-installed or because its price is really high and few are going to buy them.

This type of downloadable licenses They are useful in various situations.. Mainly for users who prefer to build their own personal computers from scratch and want to use it on the PC or to run it in virtual machines for testing purposes or to run software that is only available on Windows.

Until now there was no way to buy this type of Windows 11 licenses in the Microsoft Store or in other Microsoft web pages and the user who needed them had to buy retail versions (these are available) or buy those corresponding to Windows 10 to then upgrade for free. Of course, these types of licenses have been found in the retail channel or when you buy an assembled OEM PC that usually includes it almost by default.

They are now available in the Microsoft Store and “designed for PCs that need a new Windows license and meet the minimum system requirements (Windows 11)”. Its price can turn anyone backbecause it is the same as the retail license:

  • Windows 11 Home: $139.
  • Windows 11 Pro: $199.

A very high price considering that it can be bought an entire PC with similar prices and that already includes Windows 11. It is certainly not the same type of license, but in practice it works in the same way because Microsoft’s servers “swallow” everything that comes to them, including pirated copies. You already know that a thick veil has been drawn over it for years under the premise ‘a pirated Windows is better than the user switching to Linux or Mac’.

If you need a legal and really cheap Windows 11 (or Windows 10) license, be sure to look at the promotions that we offer you regularly where you can find them online. barely 12 euros and for all life. Sometimes we bundle them with antivirus or Microsoft Office suite licenses at a price anyone can afford.

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