You can now buy your Windows 11 lifetime license, for 15 euros!

With the HZ35 coupon you will have a 35% discount on your Windows 11 license

If you click on any of the links that we have put above, you will realize that the price that appears in the online store is higher than the one that we have put here, and that is that we have already calculated the price at which it comes out when applying the HZ35 discount coupon that reduces its price by 35%. The bottom line is that you can purchase your Windows 11, Windows 10, or even Microsoft Office license with a discount up to 91% with respect to doing it in the official Microsoft store, and all completely legal! The European court established jurisprudence in 2012 by declaring that digital licenses are a good, and as such they can be bought and sold like any other product.

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How to apply the discount code and activate your license

Before we mentioned that in order to buy the licenses at the prices we have set for you, it is necessary to enter the discount code HZ35; To do so, you must register as in any other online store, with a valid email address that you have access to (since, in addition, when you buy the license you will receive it at that email address). Once you have your account, log in and go to the links above to add the license you want to your shopping cart. In this, you will see in the lower area a box that says “Promotion code”, and that is where you must enter the coupon.

Discount code Windows 10 Office

Once this is done, you can proceed to payment (we recommend PayPal for its security and its speed, since with this method you will receive your license in just 10 minutes or even less). Once you have the license in your possession you can use it, since they are regularized with Microsoft. In Windows 10 or Windows 11, go to Settings and then to Update and security, where you will see the “Activation” option on the left side. There you will see another button called «Change product key», and by clicking on it you will be able to enter the license you have purchased.

Activate Windows 10

The screenshot that we have put is from Windows 10, but in Windows 11 the process is very similar and activating the license will not take you more than a couple of minutes. After entering the key, the system will validate it and your copy of Windows will be activated forever.

Windows 10 activated

To finish, you should know that the CDKeySales online store guarantees you a permanently valid password, which means that if you encounter a problem, you have the guarantee that you will be able to open a support ticket and the store will help you activate your password without any problems. , including the possibility that they will give you a new one if the one provided initially does not work.

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