You can now customize Brave News with your own RSS

If you are a user of Brave and you like the Discover roll of Google Chrome, you already know that the lion browser offers Brave News, a similar functionality that allows you to see all the news you want without leaving the new tab page… although to read them in full you do have to leave it. That is, it is a feed of news to use.

Well, following in the footsteps of mobile, it is now possible that in the PC Brave News you definitely personalize everything that comes out in that feed…in the only possible way: adding your own feeds via RSS. Yes, it may seem like a thing of the past, but… fortunately it is not and thanks to this, one can enjoy functions like this, no matter how limited they may be.

If you use Brave, you already know: in the configuration of the new tab page you have the section of BraveNewswhich by default includes a bunch of fonts from very popular sites, mainly Anglo-Saxon, divided into different categories: entertainment, politics, technology, etc., each one with a multitude of fonts, although only a few are activated by default.

Additionally, Brave News integrates sponsored content, Brave-style anonymously served advertising, and part of its rewards program, Brave Rewards. But that is another story.

The one that concerns us now is the possibility of customizing Brave News by adding fonts by hand, however limited it may be, yes. And it is that one thing is this and quite another to use an RSS news reader. They are not even remotely the same, basically because in the function that Brave has added, it is only allowed to add the sources one at a time. But something is something.

brave news

Why is a ‘menudendia’ of this style important? Because Brave News maintains a technology of vital importance for neutrality on the Internet, such as RSS. And it is not an isolated case: Google has already done it with Chrome and although it is true that in both cases it is a sad implementation of the standard, that it is already a step and even an incentive for those who want more to look for it.

In another order of things, Brave began the year boasting of success, as well as focusing on one of its most characteristic aspects, such as everything that smells of crypto. But beyond these dalliances aimed at a very specific niche of users, it is still a highly recommended browser for ordinary users who are tired of being spied on by Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Opera…

… And, given the choice, although Vivaldi is very cool, better an open source browser. Brave or Firefox would be the doubt, but only one enjoys the power of Chromium.

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