You can now download Apple Music Classical!

Apple Music Classical is the new Apple service that has been rumored for a long time. Little by little we have learned more data, and A few hours ago Apple has launched the application page on the App Store, and is available for download now. We have new (very direct) information about this dedicated service. So today we explain what they consist of, and we also leave you the link so you can download it.

This is what Apple Music Classical will look like

An App Store image has been leaked showing the Apple Music Classical app. This new music streaming service will not be designed for a public as wide as Apple Music, but will be focused on a niche audience: people who love classical music. With this new movement we know that It is expected that the app can be downloaded on March 28Plus it’s going to be a service with a separate Apple Music app. In addition, it is observed how the logo, although it maintains the essence, is different from the logo of the Apple Music service. At the moment the app is only available to book. Therefore, if we click on the download button, the app will be installed on our iPhone the day Apple officially launches it. But this is only the beginning.

apple music classical

On the Apple Music Classical application page we can see details of the specifications that this service will have. First of all: good news for audio lovers. The music will be played in the format of Lossless high resolution at 192 kHz / 24 bits per second. In addition, the music catalog will have the Dolby Atmos sound system, which will provide a much more immersive experience, in the same way that they incorporate Spatial Audio listening technology, so if we have compatible headphones, we will be able to squeeze even plus the technical capabilities of this new streaming music service.

The second thing that Apple reveals on the application page are the plans through which we can enjoy Apple Music Classical. We will be able to listen to the entire catalog in three of the four available plans: Individual, Family and Student. The Apple Music Voice plan will only feature the current Apple Music catalog. But if we have contracted an Apple One plan (family or individual), we can also enjoy this service at no additional cost.

app apple music classic

The next thing we know is device compatibility. Although, with the Apple Music subscription (except Voice) we will be able to listen to Apple Music Classical, we will need an iPhone with iOS 15.4 installed or later versions. And of course, we will have all the interface and audio experience features of Apple Music, and improved for classical music: we will be able to search for works by composer, by director, we will have the complete metadata of the piece that we are going to listen to , etc. The initial catalog, by the time we can use the service, will be more than five million songs. But it is also mentioned that exclusive albums of this genre will be integrated into this new service.

Apple Music Classical
Apple Music Classical

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