You can now download the Dropbox beta compatible with Apple’s M1

Dropbox's new beta makes it more like iCloud

Dropbox has been one of the companies that has taken it easy to adapt its file synchronization application to do so compatible with Apple ARM processors.

After answering a question on their support website about the version for ARM processors for the company to announce that it had to make quite a fuss on their website. He was making plans to update his application.

A little less than a week ago, the guys at Dropbox began testing the application compatible with Apple’s ARM processors in closed beta. At the moment, it seems that the first tests have been a success and the company has just announced the availability of this beta for any user.

In this way, if you are Dropbox customers or use the free version and also have a Mac managed by the M1, M1 Max or M1 Pro processor already you can download this first beta and completely forget about using the Rosetta 2 emulator to be able to synchronize your content stored on this platform.

In this way, the application can take full advantage of all the features offered by Apple’s ARM processors: faster and less consumption, ideal features for when it is used in portable devices and especially, when working with large files.

As I mentioned above, the official Dropbox application is still not compatible with Apple’s ARM processors, since at the moment, it is in beta. If you want download this first Dropbox open beta For ARM processors you can do it through this link.

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